Customs clearance in Ukraine

Customs clearance in Ukraine, the theme of customs clearance in Ukraine will be useful to all those involved in the import of various goods into the territory of our country, since they are subject to customs duties.

Customs clearance of goods and goods in Ukraine

An exception can be:

  1. humanitarian aid or assistance to people with disabilities
  2. government purchases
  3. goods that will stay in the country temporarily (for example, exhibitions or equipment for work)

Customs clearance is the process of recruiting a customs declaration (TD), calculating taxes. Also entering a declaration into the database, confirming data on the price, paying taxes and entering documents when registering imports at the customs.

Customs clearance in Ukraine in 2018. How to calculate the cost?

The first thing you need to know is what taxes are levied on the goods you import:

  1. Value added tax (VAT). It is calculated as: the cost of the goods plus the cost of shipping to our country plus the fee (%) divided by five.
  2. Customs duty. The size depends on the TNVED code (commodity nomenclature of foreign economic activity). It is from 0 to 20% of the cost of goods.

The TNVED code (or УКТВЭД) is from the classifier of the commodity nomenclature of foreign economic activity.

How is the process of customs clearance of imported goods

At the preparatory stage, it is necessary to obtain an accreditation card at the customs office located at the place of registration. There also submit a preliminary declaration or advance notice (before the goods cross the border).

Customs clearance in Ukraine. 1 Step.

The goods arrive at the border, where the carrier must submit the following documents to the customs inspector:

  • Accreditation card
  • Foreign Economic Contract
  • Invoice (invoice)
  • Documents for permission to export goods and a certificate of its origin;
  • Export declaration
  • Contract of carriage
  • TTN (and other transport documents)
  • Product quality certificate, if necessary;
  • The appraiser’s conclusion.

The inspector is given a TD filled in all the rules. After entering the database, it may be necessary to inspect, take laboratory tests or confirm the value of the goods. After the customs confirms that everything is in order. They issue the driver with the documents to accompany the goods marked “under customs control.” And they return all the papers in a special sealed packet for delivery to the customs office, at the place of registration (the time depends on the distance to the final point).

Customs clearance in Ukraine. Step 2.

The next thing you need to report on the delivery. A package of documents is provided to the customs inspector of the destination. After verification, the last on all copies of the preliminary declaration records that the goods have arrived and affixes a special stamp with an individual number.

From this moment until the end of the customs clearance, to inspect, check and take samples of the cargo can only with the permission of officials from the customs.

Next, a set of documents for the clearance of a cargo customs declaration (CCD) is sent to the deliverer of the goods within ten days.

Customs clearance in Ukraine. 3 Step.

Executed CCD, with all the necessary documents is submitted to an official who has the authority to distribute the declaration for further study by individual inspectors. There is also an information sheet, which contains data to whom and when to continue to contact.

The appointed inspector will monitor transferred papers and further customs clearance.

Another inspector, responsible for statistics, checks the declaration and then can designate the stage of cargo inspection (if necessary). Or if the declarant himself has taken the initiative to resolve any disputable issues with customs officers. For example: disputes about the code of UKTVED, goods of a risk group or those that must undergo a laboratory test.

If there are no questions, you pass the department of the nomenclature. Then our cargo customs declaration passes to the department of customs payments. Them there if data checking for the correctness of the information that may affect the customs value and whether all taxes have been paid in full. If all is correct, the stamp “paid” is stamped on all copies of the customs declaration. This can be considered a sure sign that soon all the hard process of customs clearance is nearing its end.

Customs clearance in Ukraine. 4 Step.

The last thing we do is go back to the customs inspector, who checks your cargo customs declaration, taking into account all inspections and marks. And, if he signs and places a numbered seal on all documents, congratulations – you are a full owner of the imported goods.

But if you do not want to go through all the circles of hell associated with customs clearance of cargo, there are many companies that will provide you with a customs broker who understands all the subtleties and nuances of this topic.

The price will depend on:

  • From the amount of the imported cargo;
  • Transport;
  • Temporary costs for registration.

In order for the customs clearance process in Ukraine to have a positive outcome, it is necessary to have a good understanding of this topic or still transfer this task to specialists.

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