Delivery of cargoes

Delivery of cargoes is a rather popular option: transportation of oversized cargo from abroad or throughout the country, which has recently become increasingly popular.

The essence of this delivery is to transport several goods from different customers on one vehicle and in one direction. Thanks to this service of transport companies, the customer has the opportunity to significantly reduce transportation costs, since the cost of the container/truck/car/pallet will be proportionally distributed among the participants of such a combined delivery.

Advantages and disadvantages of delivery of consolidated cargo

Transportation of cargoes has a number of advantages and disadvantages, commensurate with which the customer may prefer this type of delivery.

Among the main advantages is the cost of transportation. Due to the shipment of goods by several customers, the cost of services is significantly reduced. In addition, the advantages include the geography of transportation. This type of transportation is popular for all business entities – from small businesses to large corporations. Moreover, for small businesses with a relatively small capital in circulation, delivery of groupage cargo is an excellent way to save logistics costs.

If it speaks of the shortcomings of this type of transportation, then the main one may be the speed of delivery. The following factors may affect this parameter:

  • number of customers on a specific date. It is unprofitable for the transport company, as well as the customer, to drive a half-empty vehicle, respectively, it is necessary to wait for the full filling.
  • logistics chain, or the route that the cargo will have to go. This also includes the length of the distance to which the order should be delivered. Plus the time spent on unloading at intermediate points on the way.
  • the deadline for customs declarations and other documents, if expected delivery of consolidated cargo from abroad. The queue of such vehicles directly at the border can affect the duration of registration.
  • specifics of the transported good. This factor also is important. Since in one vehicle for transportation can collect several types of cargo.

Perhaps these are the main advantages and disadvantages of the transportation of goods of the cathedral type. Of course, when choosing a logistics company, one should take into account its authority and rating among similar ones in this industry, availability of necessary documents, customer feedback, the current fleet, and other factors.

Groupage delivery process

The scheme of transportation of this type is as follows:

  1. In the consolidated warehouse, orders are collected and road lists are formed according to directions and dates.
  2. Order processing. At this point it is worth making the optimal packing of goods, weighing.
  3. Making the necessary documentation, including customs declarations.
  4. Loading and compact placement of goods in the appropriate vehicle (wagon – for road transport, car – for rail, container – for sea, etc.).
  5. Delivery. Direct transportation to destination.
  6. Unloading and delivery of groupage cargoes to recipients.

Features of delivery of consolidated cargo

The main feature of transportation is the admission to transportation of certain categories of goods. For example, it is strictly prohibited by various legal acts and conventions to transport hazardous chemicals and toxic substances; weapons; narcotic drugs; Food; plants.

In addition, it is necessary to take into account the factor of force majeure situations that may occur. But in most cases, delivery delays are minimal, if not absent.

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