What to bring from Poland: souvenirs, drinks, delicacies

What to bring from Poland?

To bring gifts or interesting and unusual goods from Poland, the main task of those who travel to this beautiful country or for those who are interested in selling business with Poland. But, often the question is, what to bring, so that it is the “face of the country” or gives memories.

Which drinks would be interesting to bring from Poland?

You can bring a lot from Poland interesting products One of the most popular and sought after drinks is Zubrovka vodka. It is a Polish traditional alcoholic beverage. A big plus is that it is easy to buy on the shelves of shops and large supermarkets. It is infused on the stems of the bison and very strong. But, quite expensive.

Another traditional Polish alcohol is Plum vodka – Slivovitsy. It happens in two versions of the fortress – 45% and also 75%, in the case of double distillation.

Also, for lovers of unusual alcohol, with a special taste, choose the Goldwasser liqueur. It is made from twenty medicinal herbs and will be not only tasty, but also useful.

If we are talking about soft drinks, be sure to take herbal and fruit teas. Pay attention to the company “Gerbat”, it is available in the price and is in any supermarket.

What about delicacies?

  • The first thing that you definitely need to try in Poland and, of course, bring along Krakow sausages for yourself and loved ones. But, on this sausage of Poland is not over, for lovers of spices, there are incredibly tasty sausages with garlic and pepper – “boar”. And yet, Polish Polish sausages.
  • Pay attention to Polish cheeses too. Take the famous cheese from Zakopane – smoked. Or sheep, which is called “otstypok.” Pick up cheeses that are stored for a long time.
  • Sweets from reputable companies Wawel, Wedel and also Kruk. Candies “Cow”, by the way, were first made in Poland, so pay attention to them. There are lots of sweets inside with alcohol. And also, great chocolate with mint filling.
  • From what is stored for a long time – these are Torun gingerbread. With a special honey flavor.

Amber and jewelry with him

In Poland, you can find many variations of amber. And yellow, to which we are accustomed, and very expensive white. And in Gdansk, you can even buy green amber.

Jewelry with amber can hardly be called cheap, but on the other hand it will be exclusive and unusual. In addition, there are many magnificent silver jewelry. Any design and price category!

Clothing and cosmetics from Poland

In Poland, a lot of clothing stores, as the mass market, and the world’s leading brands. And also, often there are a lot of discounts. Therefore, be sure to arrange yourself shopping.

In addition, this country is famous for local designers. Therefore, pay attention to the Polish goods of clothing and accessories. Prices and quality will please you.

Polish cosmetics has two huge advantages: reasonable price and high quality. What has to do with decorative cosmetics and grooming. In many ways, Polish manufacturers are not inferior in quality to more expensive and well-known brands. If you decide to buy a lot of cosmetics, you can always order delivery from Poland .

What other products and souvenirs should be taken?

Products from Poland are very diverse and here is a list of the most interesting:

  • Boleslav ceramics.
  • Salt lamps from the Wieliczka mine.
  • Hand painted Christmas balls.
  • Products from crystal (carved).
  • And, of course, the world-famous Polish posters.

You can bring many interesting products from Poland, and if you are interested in express delivery from Poland , our company will help you to organize everything at the highest level !

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