Cargo from China to Ukraine

Cargo from China – an urgent issue for most modern entrepreneurs. In recent years, the level of quality of goods from China has increased significantly, and the price has remained low enough that it can successfully conduct business based on the sale of Chinese-made products in Ukraine.

Cargo from China (delivery of goods)

Finding bona fide partners in Asia is just half the battle. It is much more difficult to solve the issue of supply of goods with minimum expenses and maximum speed. Choosing a transportation route is the decisive factor and not to make any mistakes at this stage, it is worthwhile to understand the advantages and disadvantages of different types of delivery.

Cargo from China – determined with the mode of transport

Cargo from China

To date, there are several options for transporting goods from China:

  • by land transport
  • by sea
  • and by air

Deciding in favor of one or another delivery route, it is important to take into account all the factors for each specific case: the dimensions and weight of the delivered cargo, the time of shipment and the arrival of the goods, the cost of the services of the carriers.

Transportation by sea

This type of delivery has its advantages and disadvantages. Choose it is if the “minuses” are not your determining factors.

The main problem of sea delivery in its terms. First, the customer will have to wait for the queue to unload the goods, and this process can drag on for several weeks. Secondly, one must be prepared for force majeure, associated with unfavorable meteorological conditions along the way, insufficiently optimal timing for the route, transshipment of containers in ports. All this again affects the duration of transportation not for the better. Sometimes shipping from China takes more than a month! But, despite everything, it is an ideal solution for the transport of goods with a long shelf life, dimensional and heavy goods. At the same time, the cost of sea transportation is much lower than alternative types of transportation. In addition, in this way, it is possible to transport combined cargoes: combining goods of different recipients in one container.

Cargo Carriage

Here the situation is exactly the opposite of the previous way: the price for air delivery is a disadvantage, because it is an order of magnitude higher. But transportation is carried out four times faster. And the level of reliability and safety of goods is very high. So, it is ideal for:

  • valuable goods
  • oversized shipments
  • Perishable products

The risk of their loss or damage is almost zero. Since, in contrast to sea shipping, there is no need to transfer goods from one flight to another during an air flight. This way of transportation is often chosen by businessmen who have established sales in Ukraine of oversized equipment, gadgets, food products, all sorts of accessories. With a large turnover of products, long downtime is unacceptable, and the assortment requires constant operational replenishment. In what and comes to the aid of air transportation.

Ground transportation

Transportation of goods by land is carried out by special trucks. It is cheaper to transport goods by air and faster than sea shipping. The guarantee of the receipt of the cargo by the customer in time is a competently constructed route. And correctly issued documentation for crossing customs. This method is more universal: it is suitable for both large entrepreneurs and small ones.

Having weighed all the pros and cons, you can choose the best way for yourself to deliver cargo from China.

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