Goods from China in bulk (for business)

Products from China in bulk by now have become, perhaps, the most common offer in the sphere of trade. And it’s easy to explain. Look around you – half of the things that surround you, most likely Chinese. Because everything is made in the Celestial Empire. From ballpoint pens and wet napkins to super-precision medical equipment.

Goods from China in bulk 

Goods from China wholesale for online store

Whatever you are trading, you can buy it from Chinese manufacturers. It can be:

  • copies of world famous brands,
  • stationery,
  • cars,
  • industrial equipment,
  • trend items that fill store shelves around the world. For example, the spinner is from China. And from the streets of Beijing he “moved” to ours.

To navigate in the most “hot” trend offers, visit trade exhibitions – they are held in China all the time. There you can also get acquainted personally with suppliers and establish close cooperation with them.

The huge advantage of buying products in China is its price. In our market, it is resold not with an extra charge of 20-30 percent. And sometimes several dozen times more expensive. Taking into account even the risks, you will earn decent money.

In addition, you will not have difficulty with logistics. To date, express delivery from China quickly arrange the shipment and deliver it to Ukraine as soon as possible. In this case, your presence when sending a batch of products is not necessary.

China is far away. How much will delivery cost?

With the development of communications and transport channels, fast delivery from China has become very affordable. This is another benefit of wholesale trade in goods from the Middle Kingdom – low cost of goods. And cheap delivery will allow you to make a big profit.

To date, there are three ways to deliver goods from Asian countries:

  1. Airplane . The advantage of this option is the timing (literally a few days). At the same time it is the most expensive transport. However, if you have an urgent product that is currently in a trend, you should choose it;
  2. By land . Transport trains run quite regularly. This is a relatively cheap method, however, such a delivery takes quite a lot of time;
  3. Sea . Ships often come to the ports of Odessa. This is the most budgetary channel, however the longest in time. It will suit you only if you purchase goods by the New Year. For example, in May.

What is important – the shipping cost does not change after the signing of the contract. Conditions and price depend on various factors. But the main ones are:

  • weight and volume of cargo,
  • type of transport (by water, land or sea),
  • urgency of delivery.

With modern applications, you can calculate the shipping cost in advance. Even right now online.
Another lifhak – if you are trading in goods from Asian countries, it is advisable to find a local assistant. Assistant, who is constantly on the spot. He will be able to negotiate on your behalf with suppliers tete-a-tete. This service is quite common and is inexpensive. Such an assistant will check the shipment for quality and availability of the marriage before shipping. And will allow you to avoid risks. In addition, such mediators usually speak Russian (or English) and Chinese at the same time. Which facilitates communication with a supplier who hardly knows your native language.

Goods from China in bulk can be your chance to become a respectable businessman. If you take the risk and start working in this field.

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