What products are most often imported from Poland?

Goods from Poland are becoming increasingly popular after the introduction of a visa-free regime in Ukraine with the EU. Many travel companies are doing everything for comfortable shopping in Poland, for example, they organize shopping tours, weekend trips and excursions, free time of which can be spent on profitable shopping. Let’s try to figure out how to extract the maximum benefit from such trips, what products need to first pay attention during sales.

Goods from Poland

  •  Goods from Poland to Ukraine, delivery from Poland Household appliances, various building materials and spare parts. They differ from similar products from Europe and Ukraine at an incredibly low cost. The most popular of them – a refrigerator, freezers, televisions, air conditioners – all this will cost you about half the price in Poland.

As for the gadgets, in Poland it is as popular as with us. The only thing worth paying attention to is Russian and Ukrainian. Most laptops and other computer equipment simply will not fit the Ukrainians because of the Latin keyboard.

  • Clothes from Poland, children’s things. Every seasoned buyer advises to pay attention to Polish goods – despite their cheapness, they are of high quality. Footwear from Poland is also included here, which is so consistent with all European standards. What about European brands, their price is cheaper than in Ukraine, from 2 to 3 times.
  • Cosmetics, household chemicals – even special shopping tours have been invented for these groups of products. As in the previous case, local Polish brands have the best value for money. Despite this, people often come to the country to buy food from France, Germany, and even America for good prices. Shopping in this area cannot be unsuccessful, especially in the case when purchases are made with the expectation of several people.
  • Products from Poland in bulk. You can bring any food to our country, it is worth noting only that you need to keep track of the goods, which include meat. Often, in various countries, epidemics subsequently impose an embargo on the importation of a different type of meat. If you import more than 50 kg of products per person and more than 35 kg in parallel with other groups of goods, you need to declare them.

Importers mark Przemysl and Bialystok as the best places to import food – they attract with their proximity to the border, so that the products do not spoil.

The most popular products are sausage products, smoked meat, raw meat products, cottage cheese, chocolate, confectionery. For example, for a duck you will pay a price five times lower than in Ukraine.

Delivery of goods from Poland

If you still decide on a profitable shopping in Poland, but you are frightened by the distance or the cost of buying the tour, the eternal long queue at customs or the online store does not deliver to Ukraine – discard all doubts. Thanks to our logistic company, you can easily and without huge expenses buy any products you like in Poland. Choosing delivery from Poland by our company, you get:

  • Delivery of any goods;
  • The ability to control the passage of boundaries, guaranteed safety of the parcel from damage;
  • Cost insurance in case of unforeseen situations;
  • Express delivery is available.
  • Own storage facilities.
  • We will deliver your cargo directly to the warehouse itself.

Shopping in online stores, during sightseeing and shopping tours is an easy benefit. In addition, it is very addictive. Do not forget that sales and seasonal discounts often occur in Poland, which brings additional benefits. Still in doubt?

Order products from Poland and see for yourself!

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