What is multimodal transport?

If you get acquainted with the features that the service can provide multimodal transport it is much more effective to build international logistics. In some cases, it is this type of transportation that can maximize the benefits for the customer to ensure the delivery of goods from one country to another.

Multimodal transportation

Multimodal transportation for cargo transportation

This international freight delivery , concluded by agreement with one company, but carried out by several types of freight transport. All responsibility for the safety of the cargo lies with one company with which the contract was concluded. But, the contractor company can attract other logistics organizations to the transportation, if it is profitable for a number of reasons.

The contractor, having extensive experience in international transportation, can very competently calculate all the steps: parking, transhipment points, traffic schedule. So that the cargo as soon as possible arrived in the country of destination with minimal costs.

Features and nuances of transportation

Most often, this type of cargo transportation is used in the following cases:

     At the moment there is no direct kind of freight transport, between the country of the sender and the recipient.

  1. There is direct transport, but its cost is too high and it is not profitable for the customer.
  2. If the speed of delivery using direct freight transport is much longer in time than the organization multimodal transport .

When ordering delivery from one carrier, the consignee disclaims all responsibility for the safety of the goods. Therefore, he does not need to independently calculate, find out and clarify at once several companies the set of necessary information.

Transport modes involved in transportation

Considering the long distance of international delivery, a fairly large number of vehicles can participate in transportation. Among the main types there are four types:

  • the air transportation is the fastest, but it is worth considering some difficulties during passing customs. Used in practice often enough for small shipments. The exception is the countries of the European Union, where the passage of borders is much easier;
  • water, container transportation is the cheapest, able to offer the best price for moving any quantity of goods. The only drawback is relatively low speed;
  • rail is a little faster than water, but at a cost almost the same;
  • road transport is fast enough, and works reliably in almost any country on all continents. Thanks to trucks, the cargo is very easy to bring to the next intermediate link.

But calculate shipping cost  only the specialist in multimodal transportation will be able to. As the real practice shows, do not neglect this type of cargo transportation. The main advantage – fixed prices . And in the course of transportation will not change under the pressure of unforeseen factors.

Demand among customers

This is normal when an entrepreneur tries to reduce costs in his business. Including the international delivery of goods. If you entrust the transportation of an experienced company, it will take into account many factors. Professional logisticians will weigh all risks possible with delays at some transshipment points. And also will be able to name the real delivery time in the light of unforeseen situations. And also answer the question whether multimodal transport is suitable for your cargo , or they should be discarded.

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