How China defeated coronavirus

At the moment, in China, which is considered a field of coronavirus, there is no panic, self-isolation, quarantine – the virus has been defeated!

COVID-19 in China

According to statistics, a couple of months ago, the number of cases of the virus was in the thousands a day. According to the latest data, the number of infected people since January was about 80,000, mortality data – 3,500 people, recovered – 60,000 people.

When the virus began to spread across Europe, comic statements began to appear that it was time to go to China to sit there until the end of the epidemic.

Unity, consciousness, speed

You can find many videos online where, in Wuhan, in the heart of the outbreak, workers in hospitals, clinics and health care sites take off their masks and show the joy of closing the last center for holding coronavirus patients.

In mid-March, Chinese President Xi Jinping visited Wuhan to provide information that all the terrible is over. They were able to defeat him based on the fact that the population of Hubei province is over 64 million people.

In the fight against the virus, the following measures were taken:

  1. Quarantine was introduced for the entire duration of the spread of the virus;
  2. In 10 days, builders were able to build a huge field center to help those infected with COVID-19;
  3. Almost all stadiums, exhibition centers, hotels were reconstructed into centers for the rehabilitation and incubation period for patients;
  4. The head of the province did everything possible to ensure that efficiency, discipline, control over the situation, mutual assistance, caring for the elderly and children, self-isolation became the main keys in the fight against the new virus;
  5. The disease was taken into a strict framework: taken under control, rapid identification of the infected, their hospitalization, followed by hospitalization of relatives and friends with whom contacts were made, neighbors were isolated. People, of their own free will, closed their homes, put on masks, washed their hands 3-4 times a day, followed all the rules, and completely limited contacts with the outside world. All this time, a vaccine against coronavirus has been created;
  6. The Chinese were helped by a collective voluntary effort, according to medical professionals. People were not lazy, they worked for days, even without medical education, men and women got jobs in centers for the infected in order to somehow help others;
  7. Experts from all over China began to work together to solve this problem, and research and development of a vaccine and a cure for coronavirus began.
    The Chinese were not afraid of the government, no punishment was imposed, there was only a fear of dying and not saving their loved ones. The authorities, together with the population, took up arms against the problem and were able to overcome it.

China enters normal life

Precautions are also part of the everyday life of Chinese citizens: they wash their hands, and antiseptics hang in every public transport, elevator, and houses. Wet antiseptic wipes can be purchased for pennies to carry with you. At the entrance to any institution (gym, office, bank, store, train station), everyone’s temperature is measured, if necessary, medical assistance is immediately provided.

Little by little, people began to go to their workplaces for 2-3 days a week (the rest of the days they are on a remote basis). On the street you can meet athletes, mothers with children, elderly people on benches, street cleaners.

Restaurants, hairdressing salons, beauty salons have not yet entered the usual rhythm of work.
Chinese internet delivery has always been popular and has grown by another 35%. It is profitable, inexpensive, tasty and safe. Food is delivered to the entrance, the customer goes down and picks up.

Also, volunteers are still working – they bring home medicines, food to those in need, clean houses, take out the trash, pay utility bills.

The rules for entering the country have become stricter, at the moment no EU resident can come to any city.

At the moment, the Chinese government is helping almost 80 countries, WHO and the Union of Africa with tests – reagents, masks, protective clothing, plans for prevention, treatment of the virus.

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