Business souvenirs for partners from the UK

Business souvenirs for partners from the UK

The special language of gifts is what they mean for the person who accepts them.But depending on the cultural and ethical values ​​of a country, this language is different. Would you like your Business souvenirs for partners from the UK to be pleasant? Time to learn a few subtleties of gift etiquette! So, Great Britain is a multinational power. On its territory people of four different countries live at once. They are England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland.

Despite the great difference in culture and national character of these regions, all Britons have in common a characteristic ethnic feature as elegant restraint. Emotionality and the English national character have nothing in common. Because their main qualities are a certain coldness in relations and exceptional tact. Business communication here is based on three pillars: caution in expressing personal opinions, punctuality and rationalism.

Business gifts

Undoubtedly, part of the business communication in the UK is business gifts. For those wishing to prepare truly appropriate business gift baskets for the British, there are a few important rules to keep in mind. So, in business English circles, souvenirs are rather scrupulous. A partner from England will never accept expensive presents and will be suspicious of them, regarding the wide gesture as … a bribe. Only very few things in the country of traditions are appropriate business souvenirs. For example diaries and planners with calendars, company pens, notebooks.

The UK is one of the few countries in the world where business meetings are usually arranged … at home. Believing that over a cup of tea in a comfortable living room, resolving of problems is much faster, the British invite foreign business partners to visit. In this case, gifts are just right. They can become spectacular leather business card holders with a logo. Which are unique symbols of prestige among accessories of a business person. In order to be known as an innovative donor, you can present a present where in one cover both a business card holder and a notebook are hidden.

Warning! Flowers, alcohol, sweets in England are usually brought exclusively by good friends. The list of prohibited business gifts also includes perfumes, cosmetics and clothing. Even with company logos. During the visit, you should limit yourself to the above souvenirs, supplementing them with presentations with national colors. For example handicrafts, utilitarian objects or books on art, ethnography, history.

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