How to get a visa in the USA

How to get a visa in the US (questions and answers)

Visa in the USA as get a visa in the USA It is often heard to hear exaggerated and filled with manipulative facts about how to get a visa in the USA – that this is difficult, often failures and so on. In fact, the procedure is quite simple and does not require much trouble on your part. In this article we will answer the basic questions on this topic.

How to apply for a visa in the USA?

In order to apply for a visa in the United States, you must submit a package of documents to the American Embassy, ​​pay the mandatory fee and pass an interview. We recommend that you begin visa processing in the United States at least one month (or better three months) before your planned trip overseas – in case of the occurrence of form-majors.

Let’s go through each stage in more detail and give answers to the most popular questions.

Main questions about how to open a visa in the United States

What are the ways to get a visa:
There are two ways to get a US visa:

  • arrange all documents yourself;
  • Assign this to an intermediary. This method is called “buy a visa”, but this does not quite correspond to reality – just specialists with experience in proper paperwork will help you deal with all the bureaucratic nuances for a fee. There is nothing illegal in this.

If you do decide to do it yourself, the following questions will help you.

What are the documents for a visa in the US?

The standard set of documents, in general, does not differ from visa documents in any country. A complete list of them you can easily find on the official website of the embassy.

However, a visa to America requires one special document – the DS-160 questionnaire. You will also receive a form on the website of the embassy. Approach it with special seriousness – it is on the basis of the questionnaire that decisions are most often based, will you get permission or rejection.

Fill out the questionnaire in electronic form and necessarily – in English. Names also need to be written in Latin letters. One hour is enough to fill out the questionnaire, if you know English. If not, it’s better to contact someone for help.

The main rule when filling in the questionnaire is the veracity of all the data specified in it. Do not try to embellish or deceive – in this case, most likely you will receive a refusal.

Documents are required and optional. The optional ones include, for example, an extract from a personal bank account or documents that you are a business owner in Ukraine. It is advisable just in case to take them with you for an interview – they may persuade the decision maker to still give you a visa if you have some doubts.

How much does a US visa cost?

Currently it is 160 US dollars, which must be paid through the bank in hryvnia equivalent. The receipt of payment is included in the list of required documents for obtaining the coveted visa.

How is the interview?

After filling out all the documents you need to sign up for a mandatory interview at the American Embassy. According to the results of the interview, they will make a decision to grant you an entry permit. The collected package of documents must be taken with you.

They are not afraid of the interview – just answer truthfully to the questions of the consul (of course, the conversation will be held in English). Perfect knowledge of the language from you is not required.

The important thing is not to be late for an interview, the Americans take this very seriously.

Additional questions about how to make a visa to the United States

What are the types of US visas?

There is a working, tourist, US guest visa . The easiest way to get a tourist. However, if you decide to tuck in (to arrange a tourist, for example, and go to work) – next time you will most likely get rejected.

What additional features does a tourist visa in the United States ?

A US visa allows you to visit a number of other countries without additional documents – Panama, Costa Rica, Mexico and others.

What happens if you get a rejection?

There may be two reasons for refusal – incorrectly executed documents or false information in them, or you may be considered a potential immigrant. After refusal, some time you lose the right to receive documents for entry into the United States.

Armed with the knowledge of how to get a visa in the United States , you can safely go to the embassy and get ready for a trip to one of the most interesting countries in the world.

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