Delivery of goods from the USA to Ukraine

Delivery of goods from the USA

Delivery of goods from the United States is quite a popular service due to the quality and variety of products in America. Unfortunately, the opportunity to go and buy one or another product in the United States of America is often very small. This is due to difficulties in obtaining a visa, strict baggage rules and a long flight.

In addition, it will be very expensive to ship a large number of items or any product on your own. After all, surcharges for the overweight of baggage are often transcendental. That is why there are companies that are engaged in the delivery of goods from all over the world. In particular, it is convenient for bulky goods, products in large quantities for sale, which requires customs control and special delivery conditions. Our company East European Express will deliver almost any product in any quantity to Ukraine, to your city.

What are the types of delivery from America to Ukraine

Due to the opportunities associated with air and sea space in Ukraine, as well as because of the remoteness, there are the following types of delivery:

  • Sea delivery from the USA. Transportation of goods on the sea territory, rather demanded method. Its advantage is in acceptable cost and great opportunities for the variety of goods transported. It is very beneficial for heavy and bulky goods. But, delivery can take a lot of time.
  • Delivery by air transport. This type of transportation has a huge advantage – timing, air delivery speed is very fast. But, it is quite expensive, especially for very heavy and large loads. In addition, there are a number of goods that are not included in the list of allowed for transportation in airspace. But, for fairly simple and sought-after products, it is often the most sought after method.

What products are most often ordered from the USA to Ukraine

Of course, each has its own preferences and objectives as regards the necessary goods. But, we will tell you about the most popular products for purchase in the United States of America. These goods may be necessary, both for you personally, and for subsequent sale in regular stores or on Internet sites.

  • Clothing from America. It has a special quality, and the United States is indeed one of the most fashionable countries. Athletic and casual shoes are what you should pay attention to. Children’s Clothing from America, one of the most sought after products.
  • Household Products . There are many types of eco-powders, cleansers and even toothpastes.
  • Cosmetics . As for the care, and decorative, and including perfumes. Prices range from low to high for luxury brands.
  • Electronics . Household appliances, computers, smart appliances. Often there are big sales. But besides the price, this is guaranteed quality.
  • Branded and traditional American food and drink .

What services does the US shipping company provide?

To begin with, after we have received your order of goods, we will document all the information regarding the cargo. In particular, we advise on the price, timing and nuances of delivery, in order to choose the most suitable type of air or sea transportation. Our employees find and place an order for the necessary goods in the United States, and then arrange them in accordance with the rules of customs.

Loading goods. After arriving in Ukraine, the necessary clearance of the goods takes place, filling in all customs documents. When all issues are resolved, the goods go to your city. Importantly, we take out insurance so that you can be assured of the safety of the cargo and in case of an excess receive damages.

We guarantee that your goods from America will be delivered safe and sound. Almost always, delivery takes place on time, the deviation can only be due to the carrier’s fault, but the percentage of such cases is close to zero.

How not to make the wrong choice of products and choose a delivery company?

If you don’t know for sure what exactly you want to bring from the USA or which companies to pay attention to, you can view the lists of the most popular products. If your business is just beginning, then you should pay attention to online stores with goods from America. But, there is also a reason to start selling products that are almost absent on the market in Ukraine, since the competition is much less.

Our company East European Express has vast experience in the delivery of both small and large cargo with various goods from many countries around the world. We guarantee high-quality and timely delivery, as all our employees are focused on the best result. If you have any questions or doubts, our specialists will tell you everything in detail. Shopping in the USA is a great choice and we will help you with this.

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