Delivery from Aliexpress

Delivery from Aliexpress to Ukraine

Purchase of goods and delivery from Aliexpress is a popular service that more and more Ukrainians use. Often these goods are purchased not only for personal consumption, but also for business purposes (including dropshipping) .

Delivery of parcels and orders from Aliexpress

Many entrepreneurs who build or have built their business on trade very often, in addition to domestic ones, purchase numerous Chinese goods. For retail sale, it is most profitable to purchase them in bulk in any of the Chinese online stores. In particular, the online trading platform Aliexpress is distinguished by a rich assortment.

Here everyone can buy and order delivery of a selection of the variety of goods posted on the site :

  • clothes and shoes of all sizes, underwear, hats;
  • goods for home, garden, as well as household chemicals;
  • electronics and all kinds of equipment;
  • sports goods, sports equipment;
  • jewelry;
  • cosmetics and perfumery;
  • furniture and more.

Because of the long distances delivery from China to Ukraine often takes a very long time, which is negative affects the efficiency of doing business, as the turnover of funds slows down. There is a way out – to look for a logistics company that will deliver the ordered goods faster than others.

But before placing an order on Aliexpress , , you first need to dwell on the specifics of choosing and buying goods on the astonishing Chinese online shopping platform.

Peculiarities of ordering goods on Aliexpress

You can start shopping in the Aliexpress online hypermarket after registering on the website. This is not difficult at all, since the site has a Russian-language version.

The procedure is as follows:

  1. Registration or authorization on the site. To create an account, you need to specify your email, enter your password. You can also sign in with your Google, Facebook or Twitter account.
  2. Selecting a product – one or several. Search for them on the site, selection by types, types, sizes and other characteristics. Add to cart.
  3. Checkout. It is better to enter the delivery address in Latin letters. It is possible to get advice from the seller if necessary.
  4. Select a payment method. It is convenient to pay for purchases using cards of Ukrainian banks. After payment (for example, by card), having received a message about a successful operation, then you can track the movement of the order in your personal account.
  5. Sending the order by the seller, then – delivery of the parcel to the customer, with the ability to track the route.

Buyer protection when ordering on Aliexpress

Delivery of goods from Aliexpress is a very convenient service, since you can choose the best from a large assortment; many sellers offer identical products with different prices. You can get acquainted with reviews of sellers left by consumers on the site, from which their ratings are then added and determined.

There is protection for the buyer from unsuccessful transactions, from underdelivery of goods or their loss along the way, from defects. The seller receives the money after the parcel is delivered to the buyer. If the product does not match the ordered one, you can start a dispute in order to return the money or change the product for another.

Choose Free or Fast Shipping

Shipping to Aliexpress may be free, but virtually all shipping costs are already included in the price. With free shipping, postage times can range from a few days and often reach two months. If we are talking about a single order, then you can be patient and wait once. But such a long time frame can be unacceptable for business when it comes to entrepreneurial activities based on regular shipments of orders from Chinese stores. And even more so if there is such a business model as dropshipping .

How can you speed up the delivery process? At the stage of forming an order with the selling party, it is possible to settle all the issues of sending a parcel not in the usual traditional way, choosing mail, but looking for an alternative.

Perhaps it is more expedient in this case, not counting on a miracle – on the fast work of the mail, to use the services of another logistics company.

It is best to choose a company that has its own warehouses in China and has extensive experience in organizing the delivery of goods from Asian countries, including quickly resolving issues arising during the paperwork at customs.

Thanks to prompt delivery, you can achieve better efficiency in doing business, because the transit time will be reduced, and the cargo with everything acquired intact and safe will be delivered to the consumer in accordance with the concluded contracts.

Delivery of good goods from Aliexpress will help in business development and will delight customers with quality products.

In Time delivery from China to Ukraine

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