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Sports Nutrition

Sports nutrition is the best assistant to many bodybuilders. It helps to train productively, replenish nutrients in the event that it is not possible to stock up on them from ordinary food. Sports nutrition provides energy, quickly restores and provides muscle growth. Also excellent results can easily be achieved if the sportspit is of special quality.

There are a huge number of sports supplements of different brands, of which nothing is known. Should they be trusted? Making sports nutrition is a highly profitable business in which so many entrepreneurs try their hand. But unfortunately, the emphasis is not always on product quality.

World leaders in sports nutrition

It is worth noting the two leaders producing food for sports – this is Europe (Multipower, Sponser, VP Lab) and the USA (Optimum Nutrition, BSN, Universal Nutrition and others )

What is the difference between these brands and others and why have these brands been market leaders for many years? Firms have existed for more than 10 years, some 30 years. And throughout this time they have won the trust of customers, paying close attention to the quality and effectiveness of their products.

Optimum Nutrition

This is the champion in sales of his products. The most recognizable brand, which is distinguished by products of the highest quality, a wide range. In the line of this brand, everyone can find a supplement.

Dymatize is very actively developing, constantly delighting bodybuilders with new developments. Also worth a try Elite Whey Protein Isolate, Super Mass Gainer, Elite Mass Gainer, Xpand 2X, L-Carnitine Xtreme.

Multipower – German quality. It seems possible to purchase it only through online stores, but this does not affect the demand, it is huge. Multipower goes a long way in research, production, certification, therefore the company is responsible for quality.
In addition, under the law, companies in Germany do not have the right to use poor quality raw materials, so the products are truly excellent. The best drugs are Formula 80, Creatine Powder, Mass Gainer.

Sports nutrition of European manufacturers

Sportpit, made in Europe, is not as popular as the American one, but in terms of quality, it surpasses it many times. This is due to the fact that in Europe there is severe control and serious certification, the production and marketing of products is well established. Manufacturers are familiar with marketing moves. They tell the consumer about their product, its properties and benefits. Professional athletes help them advertise their products.

Largest European brands: Multipower, Sponser, VP Lab.


The most popular sports nutrition manufacturer in Europe. The German company was formed at the end of the 20th century. The main emphasis is placed on a very high quality product. Before the release of the product, the company carefully examines, tests it, eliminating the shortcomings. But only after receiving the desired result, the product is sent to mass production.
The company has a conservative approach, the recipe does not change often. They work on the formula for a long time and scrupulously. And in the end, the products show high results, and side effects are minimized. Regular customers of the company know that by purchasing a supplement from Multipower, efficiency will be on top. In addition, the price is not very high, which pleases with excellent quality. Another advantage can be attributed to its authenticity in the market, since the fake process is very costly.

Things to try:

  1. Formula 80.
  2. Creatine Powder.
  3. Red Kick.
  4. Mass Gainer.
  5. Sponser.

A Swiss company operating in the late 80s. Became known through rave customer reviews. At the very beginning, the company invested in the development of innovations, absolutely not caring about advertising. Thus, a narrow circle of initiates knew about the company and its product line, which gradually spread information throughout Europe.
Sponser regularly tests its products. Professional bodybuilders help them with this. This makes it possible to observe the results of the use of drugs.

The company is focused on constantly training athletes and those who are actively preparing for competitions. The product is excellent. The only problem that can occur when using products is individual intolerance. You can purchase it exclusively through the Internet.

The best products include:

  1. Whey Protein 94.
  2. Whey Colostrum.
  3. VP Lab.

The company is based in the UK. The company considers innovation to be its main advantage over competitors. She focuses on them her main attention. Products are created specifically for specific purposes. The manufacturer on the market does not exist for long, but at the same time it boasts additives that have proven effectiveness and quality:

  1. Pure Creatine.
  2. Mass builder.
  3. PRO 5 protein.

Also the company is positioning itself as a manufacturer of sports nutrition for beginners who are just beginning to understand the wide variety of sports supplements.

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