Popular products for doing business with China

How to predict the development of demand and offer the buyer exactly the product that he will need? This question is being asked by many sellers. And the answer is individual for each individual case. When talking about a business built on partnerships with Chinese manufacturers, there are several categories of goods that will help you maximize your profits.

Goods for business with China

  1. Non-food products “at one price”
    The scheme of stores selling extremely cheap goods at a single price has been popular for several years, and this is easily explained by the fact that a person is ready to part with any amount of money without hesitation. For everyone, this threshold of the minimum cost is different, but, one way or another, the cost of such trifles for wholesale offers from China is much lower than that set by retail outlets “all at the same price.” The difference can be up to 100 or even 1000 times.
    We are talking about such goods as household items for the home, office supplies, personal hygiene items, etc. Such items are necessary in everyday life, which guarantees demand and, accordingly, profit.
  2. Food
    Every day people buy various snacks, dried fruits and teas in small packages. All these products in China can be bought in bulk at wholesale prices, and then packaged in small containers, which will undoubtedly be in great demand, and it will not be difficult to sell such a product with a significant mark-up.
  3. Electronics
    Today, Chinese electronics manufacturers have reached a new level and their products are not synonymous with poor quality. Smartphones, camcorders, televisions and many other gadgets are used by millions of people every day. Cheating on Chinese electronic goods in the Ukrainian market can be quite impressive, which opens up opportunities for decent earnings.
  4. Car accessories
    Parktronics, DVRs and other car electronics are what a modern car enthusiast cannot do without. The demand for this group of products is not only stable, but also constantly growing.
  5. Fur
    For most Ukrainians, buying a fur coat evokes associations with Turkey, Greece, but not China. At the same time, many leading brands of fur products have moved their production facilities to the Middle Kingdom. Of course, high-quality products made from natural fur have a corresponding cost, even in the case of purchasing wholesale lots, and the final markup is unlikely to exceed 4 times. But the weather realities of the harsh Ukrainian climate will ensure the demand for the product.
  6. Clothes and footwear
    Not only fur factories are now located in China, but also the production of clothing and footwear. And if earlier Chinese clothing did not inspire confidence among consumers, today China follows the main trends of well-known brands, while not sacrificing product quality for the sake of low cost.
  7. Childen’s goods
    A group of products that will always be among the most popular. It is difficult to imagine parents who will regret something for their child. This means that the demand for baby clothes and accessories will be stable.

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