5 risks when buying a phone on AliExpress

Many people buy smartphones on AliExpress, since you can buy goods without the extra charge that stores in Ukraine set. As a result, it turns out to significantly save on equipment. But the buyer does not always get the product he wants, since there are certain risks that a buyer on AliExpress may face.

Risks when buying a phone on AliExpress

  1. Cheating Sellers

    Not all sellers on the site are honestly selling a product. Instead of a phone, they can slip something similar in size and weight, and some customers did not receive anything at all. It’s one thing when a person buys a cover for 100 hryvnia, and another – a smartphone for several tens of thousands of hryvnia. The site administration tries to fight scammers, but this does not always work. Therefore, it is better to read reviews about the seller and find out his reliability.

  2. Warranty Service

    For any manufacturer, the technique can fail, for example, the headphone jack or something else breaks. It’s pretty easy to go to a store and ask for an exchange, but it’s not so easy when buying a phone from another country. Not all manufacturers offer warranty service, so repairs are carried out at the expense of the buyer. If the phone is new, then the person is overpaying for nothing.
    Warranty service can be purchased at an additional cost to use in the event of a breakdown. If such a service is not available, then the buyer should consider the risk that repairs may be required at his own expense.

  3. Refurbished Phones

    Some premium phones can be refurbished, which is dangerous for the buyer. You can face this if you buy an expensive phone for an amount that is several times lower than in a regular store. Even if the seller has a high rating, he can sell refurbished premium smartphones of famous brands. For example, a salesperson repaired someone’s broken iPhone and decided to sell it through their own store. But such a phone, which has been in operation for a certain time, may have new malfunctions. In this case, the buyer may lose their own money when purchasing a refurbished phone. In China, phones of well-known brands cost about the same as in Russia, so their price does not differ several times cheaper. Refurbished phones can work well, but they break down pretty quickly in most cases. Bona fide sellers indicate in the description that their product was in use.

  4. No firmware

    Chinese smartphones may not have a global firmware, thanks to which it will be possible to use the Russian language on the phone. The buyer of such a phone will have to use English or Chinese, which can be inconvenient. There are ways how to Russify a smartphone, but this is not possible in all cases. It is better to make sure in advance that the phone has Russian firmware. It is worth taking a closer look at other models, if the description does not indicate that there is a global firmware. Smartphones that are presented in Russian stores have it, so you can try to find such a phone in some Russian retail. Also in the offline store you can see what exactly a person wants to buy, touch the phone and compare it with other models.

  5. Unknown brands

    There are well-known brands that are known all over the world, but on AliExpress there are phones with excellent characteristics, but unknown brands for a fairly reasonable price. The purchase of such a gadget is rather risky, since some function may not work in the phone, or it will contain low-quality parts. It may also lack global firmware. There is also a risk that the device will not be certified, so it can be returned to the seller at customs, and the buyer will have to pay a fine.

It is better to buy smartphones on Aliexpress of well-known brands that are represented in Ukraine.

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