Shopping in the UAE (United Arab Emirates)

Shopping in the UAE has turned for tourists into an exciting adventure with a touch of eastern luxury, chic lovers will be able to satisfy their exquisite tastes here. Gold, furs, carpets, unique ornaments and perfumes – shopping in the Emirates is like a fairy tale.

Shopping in the UAE (United Arab Emirates)

 Shopping in the UAE (Arab Emirates)

Firstly the center of abundance and wealth of the entire eastern region is rightly considered to be the largest city of the UAE – Dubai. Here you can buy absolutely everything and at the best price, because the city is a zone of duty-free trade, and the import tax is only 4%.

Shopping in the UAE – the aroma of spices and riches

In Dubai, bring chic items from different corners of the Earth. The stores offer a wide range of household appliances, designer clothes, exclusive perfumes and ornaments. And also unique furniture and luxurious furs.

Several times a year in the Emirates, original trade festivals are held, tourists come from all over the world. At this time in the UAE you can buy luxury goods at the most pleasant price and take part in instant lotteries that allow you to win a car or gold.

During the shopping festival in Dubai, a large-scale world-wide village is built, representing a multitude of trade pavilions with goods from different countries. So here you can try oriental cuisine and buy exquisite products from Pakistan, India and Turkey at low prices.

Acrobats and jugglers amuse the audience, various performances and entertainments for a multi-national audience. Horse races and bullfights, as well as grandiose shows and bright emotions are waiting for you at the festival of trade.

Discounts apply not only to goods, but also to hotels and airline services, so sellers and buyers will be satisfied with shopping, and express delivery from the UAE allows to solve the problem of transportation of purchased goods.

Oriental bazaar or chic shopping center – what to choose?

Many people ask how it is profitable to make a purchase in the UAE? There are several ways:

  • Shopping streets and quarters
  • Shopping centers
  • Markets

There is a whole district in Dubai called the Iranian market. He stands out with a huge selection of goods and low prices. To make a profitable purchase, we recommend to bargain and behave confidently, then really reduce prices by 30-40% and buy twice as many unique goods that will be suitable for transportation express delivery from the Emirates .

Luxurious shopping centers located in the center of the city, present exquisite shopping for lovers of exclusive designer goods. Here you can find boutiques of the best designers of the world.

Shopping areas stretch for several kilometers and offer many specialized shops, restaurants and cafes. Cars, Swiss watches, electronics and technology, clothing and luxury fur will surprise you with prices and quality. Narrow streets amaze tourists with an abundance of exquisite gold ornaments and expensive fur coats.
In the Old Dubai market, they buy famous oriental fabrics and carpets. Having picked up a unique material and accessories, you have the opportunity to immediately order an exclusive outfit for tailors, which can be found at almost every step. In a couple of days you will become the owner of an exquisite oriental toilet.

Shopping as a way of life

So, what is the first advantage of buying in the Emirates? We recommend paying attention to:

  •  Jewelry and gold
  •  Fur products
  • Oriental canvas
  •  Sweets and coffee
  • Perfumery, cosmetics
  • electronics, household appliances
  • Carpets

For many Ukrainians, shopping in the Emirates today has become a way of life. Eastern bazaars, which came from ancient fairy tales, modern shopping malls-giants, shining and refined, narrow streets full of gold and fabrics, beckon and fascinate, make you look at the purchase of things with new eyes. Shopping in the UAE is magic and charm, low prices and a huge selection of exquisite, luxury items.

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