International container shipping

Container shipping

Container transportation is a common and practical way to move goods over long distances by several or one type of transport. The use of standard containers can significantly reduce the load time of goods. Also, it is one of the most inexpensive ways to deliver groupage cargo.

Container shipping: key benefits

International container shipping The main advantage of this method of transportation is the closed form of containers that meets international standards. It allows you to protect moving goods from the negative external effects of the environment – excessive moisture, dust, deformation due to external shocks. In addition to ensuring the good safety of cargoes, containers of standard shape allow for the most efficient storage of them on board vehicles. So, the international delivery of goods is cheaper for transport companies and their customers.

Transportation of goods in containers is:

  • Versatility. Delivery can be different – by air, sea and river vessels, trucks and railways;
  • Security guarantee. Cargo capacity is sealed at the point of departure and only opens upon arrival at the destination;
  • Good integrity protection. Metal boxes well protect cargo from damage. If necessary, refrigerated containers allow to control the humidity and temperature inside the container;
  • Ability to use different loading equipment, designed to work with containers of standard sizes. This significantly speeds up the loading / shipping process;
  • Low cost of consolidated cargo, when a customer needs to pay only for the real volume occupied by his parcel.

Some intermodal containers are for the accurate transport of animals and plants. They are ventilation, heating and other systems to fully support the healthy state of live cargo. Medicines and frozen food products need transportation with special chambers with automatic cooling systems.

Container Shipping in Ukraine

Every day, numerous transport companies in Ukraine deliver goods in all directions. The most popular are inexpensive goods from China or high-quality products from Europe, Canada, the United States and Latin America. Ukrainian manufacturers are also actively using containers to deliver orders to the countries of the Middle East, Central Asia and Russia.

Containers are transported by air and by sea. As well as by land regularly, which allows you to accurately calculate the time of delivery of the goods. In addition, modern tracking systems provide an opportunity to see in real time where and in what condition the departure is. This information is especially valuable for business structures and individuals whose cargo will be transported by several types of transport.

Container transportations are by transport companies that undertake obligations for the timely delivery and safety of cargo. Their function is to properly execute the documents and in-port forwarding of the cargo container. Also, employees of transport operators are often engaged in customs clearance of arrived goods, their delivery within the country.

Container shipping is an affordable and inexpensive way to deliver any cargo to Ukraine.

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