Where is Thailand and its attractions

Where is Thailand

Where is Thailand and the sights of Thailand The Kingdom of Thailand is one of the most visited countries in the world. The peculiar Asian flavor, friendliness and hospitality of local people, gorgeous tropical nature, mountainous terrain – all this makes a visit to this country unforgettable and desirable. Resorts in Thailand – the main source of income, so the tourists in Thailand are especially attentive. So where is Thailand? Let’s figure it out.

Thailand on the World Map

The Kingdom of Thailand is located in the tropics of Southeast Asia on the Indochina Peninsula. For tourists, it is most noteworthy that the territory of the state is washed on the one hand by the Gulf of Thailand of the South China Sea, and on the other by the Adaman Sea.

Weather in Thailand

For a European, the seasons in Thailand are quite unusual, but this is normal for the tropics. Weather seasons in Thailand are divided into:

  • Rainy (from June to September);
  • Cool (October to February);
  • Summer (from March to May).

Tourists, when choosing the time and place of travel to Thailand, should take into account the presence in the rainy season of tropical monsoons with all their charms in the form of storms and heavy rains and high temperatures in the mainland of the island in summer. The most quiet period in the resorts of Thailand begins in mid-November and ends in April. At this time, the probability of protracted doges and storms is minimal.

Thailand Attractions

The Kingdom of Thailand for the entire history of its existence was able to maintain independence. Even in times of mass colonization, Thailand successfully avoided conquest by the French or the British. Due to this, a huge number of historical cultural monuments – temples and palaces – have been preserved in this state. Therefore original culture, excellent resorts with white sand, ancient monuments – this is why tourists from all over the globe flock to Thailand every year.

We recommend visiting the following sights:

  1. Royal Palace in Bangkok,
  2. White Temple,
  3. the historic city of Sukhothai,
  4. Doi Inthanon National Park,
  5. Big Buddha (Pattaya),
  6. Temple of the Reclining Buddha (Bangkok),
  7. James Bond Island (Phuket),
  8. Temple of Truth (Pattaya),
  9. temple Wat Lan Kwad (Khunhan),
  10. Wat Prathat Doi Suthep Monastery (Chiang Mai Province)
  11. Wimanmek Palace,
  12. Temple of the Emerald Buddha (Wat Phrakeu),
  13. sanctuary – the temple of truth (Pattaya),
  14. Temple of Sunrise,
  15. Temple of the Golden Buddha (Wat Trimit),
  16. Buddha’s Magic Garden on Koh Samui.

As you can see, a very large number of ancient temples and palaces in different parts of the Kingdom of Thailand will not leave the tourists a minute of time for the blues, and the natural beauty and modern architecture will not hide the identity of this smiling people. A large number of natural parks, gardens, farms for the breeding of various animals (from snakes to elephants), offers tourists a wonderful pastime.

Islands of Thailand

Thailand is attractive for tourists not so much its mainland, as hundreds of various small islands located within eighty kilometers from the coastline. The most famous of them are Phuket, Ko Samui, Koh Samet, Koh Chang, Koh Kood, Koh Lipe and Ko Adang. Island beaches are famous for their white sand, nature and excellent diving. Tourists can choose to their taste the state of the infrastructure. So Phuket Island has a developed infrastructure, which offers all kinds of amenities, and smaller islands – a virgin nature and a modest package of services, respectively.

Phuket Island

Phuket Island - the business card of Thailand This island is the business card of Thailand. It is quite large island near the southern coastline of the country. Also bridge connect it to the mainland. For many tourists, Phuket is attractive because of the large number of beaches, developed infrastructure and the opportunity to do water sports. The entire western part of the island is covered with white sand, which contributed to the emergence of a large number of beaches. The beaches on Phuket are quite crowded at any time of the day. But lovers of silence can find a place too. Mountainous in the center, the island is also attractive for hiking, and the presence of historical monuments in the eastern part of the island diversifies the cultural leisure of holidaymakers. The island has an airport that accepts international flights.

Koh Samui Island

Koh Samui Island in ThailandFirstly Koh Samui in Thailand is quite a small island covered with palm trees. Also the organization of infrastructure of the island is to change the island’s natural charm as little as possible. As a result multi-storey construction is prohibited. Therefore the height of buildings on the island does not exceed three floors. Also small islands surround the island. On Koh Samui is very interesting to dive. There are coral reefs here, and the diversity of marine life is just fascinating.

The Kingdom of Thailand is a modern Asian country with rich cultural traditions and pristine tropical nature. Every traveler can find here a rest for himself. Unforgettable emotions will long remain in the memory. They will not let you forget where Thailand is – the tropical paradise of the traveler.

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