TOP 5 European countries for shopaholics

Shopping in Europe

Any country can be a platform for shopping tours. Because everywhere there are a number of products that are uniqueness, quality, brand or low cost. In Europe, 5 leading countries stand out especially, which are annually visited by the masses of shopaholics:

  • Italy,
  • Greece,
  • France,
  • Germany,
  • Spain.

The low price of shopping tours is due to the fact that most of the expenses are paid by sales organizers who are interested in having as many buyers as possible visit them. They pay for accommodation, meals, and sometimes sightseeing programs. In exchange, the tourist must buy goods for a fixed amount at certain retail outlets. These trips are called “tours with obligations”.
You can go “without obligation.” Tourists are not controlled in terms of purchases and the route of promotion to shopping centers and boutiques, but the cost of the tour will be higher.


Shopping tours to Italy are chosen by lovers of fashionable clothes, shoes, accessories and perfumes. Boutiques offer discounts of 20% or more, and in factory warehouses and outlet stores, savings can be as much as 70-80%.

Brand stores are available in many cities in Italy, from large ones such as Rome and Milan to small ones like Rimini and Riccione.

Among the products that are also bought in Italy, the leading positions are held by crystal, jewelry, lace, antiques, furniture, leather goods and products (cheeses, olive oil, wine, limoncello, Italian prosciutto ham and coffee).

It is better to visit the country for the purpose of shopping in January-February or in July, when the time for discounts comes. Tourists get a big profit in small shops far from the center, there you can bargain. In boutiques, the price is fixed, and in the first place they serve regular customers.


The main product of Greece is a fur coat. It is most advantageous to purchase it in Kastoria. There are higher discounts and more choices: 30 thousand fur products are presented in the 3-storey trade and exhibition complex EDIKA – the largest European exhibition and sale of fur coats. And there are enough factories in the territory of one city: more than 1000 enterprises where products are created manually and only from high-quality fur.

Knitwear, leather goods, shoes, jewelry are not as popular as fur coats, but they also have their own consumers.

Winter sales are available from mid-January to late February, and summer sales start on July 15 and end in late August.


French shopping is gaining popularity among Russian tourists. World-famous perfumes and cosmetics, as well as clothes, shoes and accessories, are very popular, despite the high cost. After all, people go to France not for big discounts and seasonal sales, but for exclusivity and quality.
A small niche is also occupied by goods for those who combine shopping tours and gastrotourism: wines, cheeses and sweets.


Shopping in Germany is similar to French. Unconditional high quality of the goods offered is far from a low price. And the interest of tourists is almost the same: clothes, shoes and accessories.

But in Germany, unlike France, there are periods when boutiques and shopping centers offer their customers impressive discounts. For example mid-late January and the first 2 weeks of August .


In Spain, the opposite is true: there are no expensive branded clothes, as well as boutiques of high-end fashion houses. But here, like nowhere else in Europe, there are many stores with affordable prices for very good designer items.

The bulk of shopaholics live in Barcelona: in the department store El Corte Ingles, on Diagonal Avenue and Plaça Catalunya.
The choice of country for shopping depends on the primary purpose of the trip: to buy as much as possible and spend as little as possible or to buy exclusive and high-quality goods of a recognizable brand.

With the first option, there are two ways: to go on a trip at the beginning of the sale, when the range is more extensive, but the discounts are still minimal, and you can wait for the maximum benefit at the end of the season stocks with less abundant choices.

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