Top 8 problems for a B2B seller


Selling B2B as a topic is very broad. The salesperson or customer service representative must be competent, friendly and always “at hand” (in accordance with the opinion of the customers). There is no doubt that you can quickly get it wrong here. The most important thing is not to make a commitment on your own. Below are the mistakes of a B2B seller.

1. Do not listen to the buyer

A popular mistake in B2B sales, especially among young, dynamic and ambitious salespeople who want to be successful quickly.

2. Assumptions

Closely related to the problem of not listening is assumptions. If you don’t know 100% what the other person needs or wants, then you will inevitably have to make assumptions, which then often do not meet the client’s expectations. Good preparation, the right questions, and a detailed needs analysis can help eliminate guesswork.

3. Unprepared sales

In B2B sales, the topic is always relevant. Although this is the alpha and omega of sales work. On the one hand, there must be current information, data and offers at the ready so that you can provide your customers with a comprehensive overview of what your own company has to offer. On the other hand, it is very important to find out as much as possible about the potential buyer. What does he do? Why does he belong to my target group? What makes it special.

It is even possible to quickly learn about a hobby through different platforms. Lack of preparation is often one of the main reasons for not making a sale. 70% of success lies in preparation, which, unfortunately, is always underestimated and suppressed.

4. Lack of market / industry knowledge

Appropriate market knowledge is essential in B2B sales. What are the usual terms of contracts, what about the warranty or delivery times, what are the prices, etc. It is also very important to have the most important information about the competitors in the market. Of course, it is not necessary to know all the details, but a good understanding of the context and rules of the market increases both success and customer confidence.

The main thing to remember is to convince your customer to buy from you, not compete. To do this, it is necessary to explain the benefits that have been brought in the relevant market.

5. No response to suggestions

Now the client is really interested in your company and wants an offer. One of the most common mistakes in sales is not following these offers. It must be remembered that the customer is waiting for this!

6. Long waiting time

If a person has to wait a whole year for a proposal, he will most likely look for solutions to the problem from competitors. You need to attract new customers to your company as quickly as possible. A simple question, the client will explain everything: how long will I wait for an offer? Usually it is enough to send an offer within 2-3 days. With the help of a question, you can very quickly and easily clarify this and at the same time show that there is a serious attitude towards the client and his needs. It also makes expectations easier to understand and fulfills accordingly.

7. No desire to cooperate

In sales, it is important to compromise when it comes to large orders. It’s not just price that is discussed here. The content of the sentence can often be shortened or adapted. Other value-added services, which are of great benefit to the client, but can only lead to low additional costs, in parallel bring a better negotiating position.

8. Anonymity

No customer, especially a regular customer, wants to be treated as if the salesperson sees him and talks to him for the first time. It is important to remember well the characteristics, priorities, wishes, etc., characteristic of a particular client, or to take small notes. A CRM system can help with this.

Another great point of contact with customers is fairs, congresses and events that your target group participates in. Be there and be proactive in exchanging opinions with people. You can also do case studies (reference reports): Through a customer interview in which the customer describes how your products perform in use, you can learn a lot about the problems and the desired solutions.

As a B2B seller, you always need to remain friendly, courteous, and professional. Show understanding and interest. In doing so, all participants should focus on the basics: everyone is an expert in their area of ​​responsibility. When collaboration is required, compromises have to be made.

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