How to track a parcel from China

SOIn parallel with the development of the international network, the system of services is constantly being developed and improved, using its capabilities. In particular providing tracing services, which provide a real opportunity to track the parcel from China.

Track a parcel from China

Tracking system to track the parcel from China online

How track the parcel from China

By its very nature, tracking is a system that allows you to get information about the location of an object. Parcel gets a unique individual number before sending. So it can be track code, track number, number of shipping bill of lading. After that the next step is a scan of this code and its introduction into the system of accounting of the place of location of the shipments of the carrier company. And indicating the location of the parcel. In the future, when transporting the parcel from the supplier to the customer, in the designated intermediary points of the carrier, information about the place of its location needs entering.

Access to data about the location of the postal item is carried out by the client on the carrier’s website by entering an individual number, and in some cases by entering an additional password or telephone number of the client, enabling a specific extent to restrict access to such data.

Carriers delivering goods from China to the territory of Ukraine

The choice of the carrier that will deliver mail from China directly to Ukraine depends on several factors that distinguish them from each other. When choosing, keep in mind:

  1. The required delivery delivery speed, which can range from several days to several weeks.
  2. Dimensions and weight of the departure, as in many cases there are certain restrictions. In particular, the parcel weight is up to 2 kg. 
  3. The cost of transportation, which also depends heavily on the vehicle used by the carrier. For example, air transportation costs more than rail transportation.

Nova Poshta

Firstly one of the most popular carriers in Ukraine is Nova Poshta, which allows you to arrange the delivery of parcels from China directly to one of its branches, or directly to the client’s home. Receipt of information about the location of the parcel is carried out by entering the invoice number directly on the carrier’s website .

China Post

China Post is the state post of China and provides delivery of various cargo and parcels to various countries of the world, including Ukraine. To track parcels in this system, you need a track number. For the parcel with no number it will be impossible to track location. Tracking of departures is carried out by entering the corresponding number on a special site .


Firstly M3Cargo company provides services for the delivery of parcels and goods from China to Ukraine. Completing of goods depends on further transportation in order to reduce the cost of delivery. For maximum customer convenience, real-time tracking of cargo tracking cooperates with the international company RealTracking. Also after the appropriate registration on the company’s website .

EMS (Express Mail Service)

EMS (Express Mail Service) is a reliable service for international delivery of various goods and parcels. In many cases, it provides faster delivery of items. Tracking of the location of shipments is on the company’s website. After the introduction of a special tracking code.


Currently, Ukrposhta has introduced a service for the delivery of small parcel-packages “ePacquet” from China (up to 2 kg) with the ability to track their location on a special site after the introduction of tracking code ( ).

Thus, many carriers engaged in international transportation will expand the services provided by the client, introducing tracking of transportation and allowing, among other things, to track the parcel from China until it reaches the addressee.

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