Vacation in Turkey: the most expensive resorts

Vacation in Turkey

Perhaps the most favorite resorts for residents of the CIS countries is Turkey. Which attracts with a pleasant mild climate, beautiful scenery, high level of service in hotels. And of course favorite phrase for every tourist “all inclusive”. Every traveler dreams of such a vacation. Turkey allows you to relax well and efficiently at a very reasonable price. However, this article will focus on the most expensive resorts in Turkey. They also require the attention of any traveler.


 Fethiye - vacation in Turkey Fethiye resort is considered the pearl of Turkey and attracts tourists with extraordinary natural beauties. Exquisite landscapes are the main highlight of this resort. You can enjoy them, not only walking along the promenade or going on an excursion. But even from the windows of the hotel. There are several protected areas that are also open for tourists to visit. In addition to admiring the scenery, you can spend time in Fethiye visiting ancient theaters and castles, as well as mosques.


 Belek - vacation in Turkey The next truly fashionable Turkish resort can be called one of the youngest, because it began to be built up and developed not so long ago – just a couple of decades ago. However, during this time, a whole city grew out of deserted places. It has a well-developed tourist infrastructure. There are a huge number of expensive five-star hotels in Belek. And they attract hundreds of thousands of tourists every year. It should be noted that each of these hotels can be considered a small town. They have their own amusements, parks, restaurants, cinemas, shopping malls, gyms and spas. Also Belek is the largest SPA resort in Turkey. There are 7 sources of mineral water. One of the most popular attractions here is golf. Despite the fact that Belek is a rather small city, about 12 golf courses are located on its territory.


 Cesme Turkey rest Cesme is distinguished by other unusual resorts. The fact is that in this place of Cesme was located the small Greek town of Krini. And the memory of it was preserved in the architecture of the buildings. The houses here are more like Greek than Turkish. It creates an interesting atmosphere in the city. In addition to buildings and interesting buildings, there are a lot of flowers and greenery. It should be noted that Cesme is loved not only by tourists. But also wealthy Turks, therefore, one does not have to rely on a budget vacation in Turkey in this place.


 Bodrum Turkey rest Oddly enough, but Bodrum can be compared to a huge night club, because night life is here boils no less intense. than in the daytime. Bodrum is more a youth resort than a family resort. It is here that eminent stars and DJs come. And all the most famous night clubs are located right on the seashore. Although in addition to the eternal holiday and constant parties, Bodrum also captivates with the beauty of nature. Because it is here where amazing tangerine gardens and coniferous forests are located.

Turkey attracts tourists with the variety of its resorts, because everyone here can find adventures to their liking.

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