What cannot be exported from different countries

Some things, taken as a souvenir of the rest, can cause unforeseen and unpleasant consequences. A harmless shell, a small coral or an ordinary clam sometimes brings not happiness, but a fine and even arrest. Let’s figure out what what cannot be exported.

What cannot be exported

Weapons, drugs, pornography, antiques cannot be taken out of any airport. The restrictions on tobacco products and alcoholic beverages are probably also known. Let’s dwell on unusual things and souvenirs that can provoke serious problems for the nervous system and wallet.

1. Egypt

No matter how much you want to buy, keep in mind that it is forbidden to export goods, the total value of which is more than 200 Egyptian pounds. It is impossible to export large amounts of money in any currency; it is strictly forbidden to export the national currency. When buying something, ask for a receipt and keep it. Only with the help of a check can you prove the legality of those souvenirs that you have. Without checks, customs officers can mistake you for an offender and fine you.

2. Turkey

Souvenirs exported from the country should not exceed 5 thousand Turkish liras in value. It is better if there is a receipt for every purchase. You can buy some kind of coral or pebble, but you can’t just take it from the sea. There is no need to buy modern dummies of ancient weapons, otherwise they may be delayed until the circumstances are clarified. For those who take out the carpet, you need not only a check, but also a certificate with the date of production.

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3. Thailand

In this exotic place, you want to buy a lot of memorabilia. It is not uncommon for Thai customs officials to confiscate Buddha figurines because tourists do not have an export permit. To take out an image or figurine of Buddha, you will have to get permission from the Department of Arts. Trinkets made of ivory, turtle shell and other products made of skin or bones of living creatures cannot be exported. You should be especially careful with Thai pills, so as not to be accused of exporting narcotic substances. From harmless: stamps cannot be taken out. From fruits, customs officers do not allow coconut and durian. First, because the shell of a nut cannot be illuminated with a scanner, and durian just stinks. Some airlines do not allow watermelon on board because it can explode due to pressure.

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4. China

Thieves in China are severely punished, so in order not to be suspected of stealing, all receipts must be kept. No need to try to export seeds, souvenir weapons, radios. The export of local medicines is strictly limited to a value of up to 300 yuan. But there are no restrictions on tea, it can be exported in any quantity.

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5. Tunisia

While in this country, you should not pack medicines, leather goods, palm tree gizmos, henna, national currency in a suitcase. Anything that can be mistaken for cultural heritage requires checks.

6. Germany

Customs officers at the German border are particularly meticulous. They check the declaration and confiscate everything that is not included there. They will also take away everything that does not have the necessary documents, be it a thing or an animal. It is better not even to try to transport items that have some kind of artistic or historical value.

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7. Dominican Republic

Palm tree and orchid items cannot be brought from this Caribbean resort. Shells and corals found during diving are also excluded. It will not be possible to take out the national currency, but you can bring home cigars, however, no more than 50 pieces and rum in any quantity.


No antique items can be taken out of this ancient state. When purchasing something as a souvenir, be sure to keep your receipts.

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9. UAE

The laws in the Emirates regarding the export of souvenirs are more loyal: corals and shells can be removed from the country. But the seeds and fruits of the palm are prohibited for export. To take out carpets and jewelry, you will need to show receipts.

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10. Vietnam

You cannot export from this Asian country: shells, stuffed animals, exotic plants and their seeds.

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11. Finland

Sturgeon caviar, flowers in pots, works of art that are more than 50 years old cannot be exported from the country of thousands of lakes.

12. Israel

Jews have no requirements for souvenirs and jewelry, besides, they are allowed to import and export currency in any quantity.

13. Jordan

Corals and shells, ivory products, stuffed animals, as well as representatives of flora and fauna cannot be exported from here.


It will not come out of India to take out any plants and animal skins. Jewelry can be exported for no more than 2 thousand rupees. It is prohibited to export the national currency.


Everything related to cultural heritage is prohibited. You can not take anything from the Adriatic beaches. You cannot take out things that imitate brand names, otherwise you will face a fine. It is not easy to smuggle delicacies across the border either.
Be careful and think carefully about whether you need souvenirs or whether it’s better to do without them.

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