What to bring from the UAE

You can bring almost anything from the UAE, but still, you want to take with you a piece of the soul and culture of the United Arab Emirates, something unique, which is there!

What gifts to bring from the UAE?

Bring from the UAE, you can almost anything Therefore, we will tell you about which products are best purchased in the UAE. And how to choose exactly what will be the face of the Emirates for you and those who are carrying gifts and souvenirs. In addition to carrying, be sure to consult with a travel agent when it is better to go to the UAE, because there may be seasonal discounts! Also, if you want to bring as much goods as possible to yourself or for sale, you can use our service: Delivery from the UAE.

Perfumes and cosmetics

Pay special attention to Arab perfumes. They are famous for their special composition: extracts and extracts of herbs, as well as oils. Their peculiarity is that such perfumes are applied to the skin, have a deep and long aroma.

In addition, there are many cosmetics, both for care and decorative, but be sure to choose for yourself something from the following list:

  • Natural Arabic henna. As usual, and with the addition of oils.
  • Arab oils are appreciated for their purity and high quality. Body and hair oils, aroma oils – for every taste and preference.
  • Kayal is a unique Arabic eyeliner.

In addition to the special Arabic cosmetics, you can purchase originals of many luxury brands. This also applies to perfumes.

Arabian treats

Most often it is sweets, as they are the easiest to take. For example, Turkish Delight, halva, nougat, various types of baklava and, of course, chocolate. For souvenirs chocolate figures of palm trees and camels are perfect. Do not forget to bring dates, believe me, they are completely different than on the shelves of our stores, the more allowed to export up to 7 kg of these super sweet fruits.

Coffee beans. Keep in mind that Arabic coffee has a slight bitterness. Often coffee is sold with cardamom flavored. And, of course, elegant natural spices:

  • Real cinnamon (what we buy among inexpensive spices from us is not that cinnamon).
  • Somali incense.
  • Various herbs, both for food and medicinal.

And a special delicacy – canned camel milk and Iranian caviar. Buy nuts and dried fruits, they are especially large and tasty here.

Fur products and jewels

There are whole gold markets here. Here you will find everything! Products of incredible design with precious stones, whole gold bars, jewelry boxes and much more. You will also find magnificent pearl jewelry.

If you are interested in fur coats and other products from natural fur, then shopping in the UAE is exactly what you need! From the most budget options to insanely expensive designer models.

All this can be found in the markets and in the centers with shops.

Textiles, carpets, and fabrics

For lovers of quality materials, the UAE will be a favorite place. Silk of incredible quality, cotton, the finest cashmere and the most important and unique: camel wool.

Accordingly, clothing made from these fabrics and textiles will be of the highest quality. And such a gift from the UAE – will be perfect for anyone.

Carpets of any price category and any sizes. With beautiful paintings and Arabic motifs.

And finally, the best souvenirs

If we are to bring souvenirs from the United Arab Emirates, be sure to take something from this list:

  • Hookah.
  • Copper coffee makers.
  • Incense.
  • Tobacco.
  • Arabian dagger.
  • Arafatka.
  • Small camel sculptures.

If you are interested in goods from the UAE, then you can order express delivery from the UAE in our company. Bring from the UAE, you can almost anything, but it is better to clarify the rules of export in advance.

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