What to bring from Turkey: amulets and ceramics

What to bring from Turkey – a beautiful picturesque Mediterranean country? Almost any vacationer who has arrived at one of the Turkish seaside resorts thinks about it.

For many, choosing and bringing gifts is a tradition, an opportunity to take care of loved ones, to please colleagues. And of course, please yourself, because the exotic thing will remind you of the time spent on the warm and unusually beautiful sea coast.

What to bring from Turkey

What to bring from Turkey: amulets and ceramics If you are in Turkey for the first time, you will certainly be impressed by the abundance of a wide variety of amulets. They adorn the windows of large stores, hang in small shops, laid out on trays of market traders – they are everywhere! You will certainly be able to choose something interesting for yourself or as a gift as an address souvenir from Turkey.

Do not ignore the ceramic dishes. Juicy colors and beautiful drawings are admirable, the desire to bring ceramics to someone as a gift. Plates, cups or decanters are made and painted by hand. You will certainly please someone if you make an address delivery from Turkey of the exclusive local ceramics decorated with unique patterns.

Edible Gifts from Turkey

A win-win version of the classic presentation – Turkish sweets. The choice is huge, for every taste and color. And in the literal and figurative sense: nutty Turkish Delight, pistachio halva, fig jam, and more. other

If you have never tried honey almonds, then don’t even think about what to buy in Turkey – by all means please yourself or friends with this special delicacy: the taste of baked in a fig almonds with honey is just perfect!

Seasonings and spices – a whole kingdom of flavors! Not to bring world famous spices from the eastern country – a big blunder. However, if you hit the market, then without a purchase you will not be able to get out of there. And the right choice will be … any. Condiments are sold by weight and packaged. Both in pure form (for example, turmeric or saffron), as well as a variety of mixtures: for pilaf, for meat, for poultry, etc.

Pleasant connoisseurs of high-quality strong alcohol with an exotic taste will be able to brandy – grape spirit drink. Which is drawn on anise and aged in oak barrels.

The taste of Turkish coffee with spices can only be appreciated by true gourmets. Indeed, to many, it seems very specific. The Mehmet-Ufendi variety is the most popular with the local population. Maybe you or your friends will like it too?

Fans of soft tea aromas can present as a present a traditional Turkish drink made from pomegranate or an apple. The set usually comes with a set of cute tea cups, arranged in the shape of a tulip.

Natural cosmetics. And not only …

You can always bring popular cosmetics from Turkey. Any woman will gratefully accept natural cosmetics based on pistachio, olive oil as a gift. Or fragrant rose water and rose oil. Both are made from tea rose petals.

Water is used for facial skin care. Oil is a natural product, which is ideal even for the delicate skin of babies (for example, when shears). In addition, it is a well-known remedy for eczema.

Coffee and coffee makers, tea and tea sets, fine knitwear and leather goods, silver, sauna kits. The motley hospitable eastern country will not let you go without special gifts! Even if you do not know exactly what to bring from Turkey, the tips will not take long to wait. For example, in the night market.

Have a nice trip and interesting finds!

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