What to buy in Vietnam – stones and precious metals

The question of what to buy in Vietnam comes from many people, because in this country shopping is pleasantly surprising by its cheapness, while the price does not affect the quality. The choice will be really hard – the abundance of goods amazes imagination, and all can not be taken away, unfortunately.

What to buy in Vietnam 

 The question of what to buy in Vietnam comes from many Vietnam is pleased with the unique opportunity to buy cheap jewelry: products with sapphires, ivory, pearls. Pay special attention to Vietnamese pearls, because here its price is one third lower than usual. But be careful and beware of counterfeits: if you are not familiar with this subject, it is better to use the expertise service before purchasing.

What to buy in Vietnam – food

Vietnamese eat very tasty and cheap. Many components for local cuisine can be brought home, for example, rice or traditional spices.

From Vietnam you can bring local coffee, which has long been recognized as a world market. There are a lot of kinds of this drink. There are even grains that pass through the stomach of animals, so before buying, we advise you to sort out a little.

Pay attention to the tea, its choice here is also wide, like coffee. As a dessert, you can buy Vietnamese sweets, based on nougat, peanuts, lotus seeds and many other dried and candied fruits.

When purchasing a large amount of food, you can use the service Express delivery from Vietnam , which will help you to keep the quality and freshness of the goods.

What to buy in Vietnam – ceramic products

Ceramic utensils and articles are best purchased in the suburbs of Hanoi, where many craftsmen and manufacturers are located that produce goods of their porcelain. In Bat Chang you will find a small ceramic market, where the cost for ceramics is quite low with a fairly wide range.

What to buy in Vietnam – Furniture

This list must include furniture and other items for your home. Such as: reed mats, bamboo kitchen furniture, a variety of items and products made of fabric. In Vietnam, all this can be bought at a price more profitable than in other countries. The prices for the elements of handwork, woodcarving, metal forging can surprise you. Since all listed items are quite large, you will need shipping from Vietnam , for example, by sea or air routes.

What to buy in Vietnam – shoes and clothing

Vietnam firmly took second place after China’s global clothing production. Virtually all countries in the world export Vietnamese clothing, bags and shoes. Westerners come here for shopping for a wide variety of unusual and stylish elements for their images and excellent value for money.

Vietnamese manufacturers of footwear and clothing use only high-quality materials, natural leather, silk and linen. Here are the capacities of the production of such famous brands as, for example, Nike and Adidas. One of the country’s business cards is silk products.

What to buy in Vietnam – electronic engineering

Vietnam, like any other country close to China, allows you to profitably purchase electronic equipment. For example, a laptop or a smartphone. If you decide to do this, you will find a large number of stores, which provide countless units of various devices. The only problem is that you are unlikely to find a Russian keyboard there.

What not to buy in Vietnam?

Without the appropriate certificates and documents, you can withdraw at customs:

  • Houseplants;
  • Vegetables and fruits;
  • Seeds;
  • Lotus.

Each new season brings Vietnam more and more new transformations. Every year, a lot of new trading places are opened, where shopping lovers from different countries of the world instantly begin to “fly off”. Try to plunge into this world, perhaps the country will become your favorite place for shopping.

We hope the question “What to buy in Vietnam” was resolved in this article, and we wish you a pleasant shopping experience!

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