Sights of Krakow

Sights of Krakow: how to see all the advantages of the most visited and rich in historical monuments city, spending on it only one day. Warsaw is Kiev, where people are always in a hurry somewhere, busy with affairs. And Krakow is Lvov distinguished by its architecture, castles, bohemian. All the tourists characterize it with the inexpressible atmosphere of the streets. Where polish old women in hats and old men stroll, and the air is full of history. This is the center of cultural events that has many art cafes, bookstores and antique shops.

Sights of Kraków

We suggest you get acquainted with the route that will allow you to spend the day in the cultural capital of the country as productively as possible. And yet do not spend a lot of money. So, what to see in Krakow:

  • Florian Gate as One from the sights of Krakow A place to start looking at interesting places in Krakow – Florian’s Gate . The street where you get through the gate is the Royal Road or the more common name is Florian. Therefore, it is the most beautiful in the city. You will see it as soon as you take the first steps on it. It unites all the very places of the city, starting with Mateyko Square, further the whole old city and Wawel.
  • The main sights of Krakow All the old European cities have an area called the Market, and Krakow is no exception. There is always a raging life. In the middle you can find Clothcases. It is the name of a long row of trade shops where is a wide variety of Polish souvenirs: starting with magnets and ending with traditional clothes and dishes. If you are passing through the city, and you don’t want to take the purchased souvenirs with you, you can contact the logistics companies for the service Delivery from Poland – they will deliver your cargo at the right time, place and quite inexpensive. If you climb to the second floor of the building, you will get to the Gallery of Polish Art.
  • Directly opposite is the magnificent St. Mary’s Church , which enchants with its mysterious Gothic style. There is a lot of legends about it. At one of the tower you can hear the game of the trumpeter once an hour.

In the information center at the Market you can get free maps of Krakow and ask questions.

What else to see in Krakow

  • Jagiellonian Museum and the university is the next point. It is one of the oldest throughout Europe. It was founded in the distant XIV century. Therefore, if you come to the city just for a day, just confine yourself to a visit to the beautiful courtyard of the university, where you can look at the ancient clock, where the figures tell about Polish history, a deep well and carved arches around the perimeter.
  • Wawel Castle in Krakow A mandatory place to visit is Wawel Castle , the main visiting card of the city and country. Prior to the transfer of the capital to Warsaw, it served as a home for Polish royal families. Be sure to visit the observation deck, cathedral and museums. Admission is free on all days except Sunday – it is day for worship.
  • Dragon near Wawel . The dragon in ancient times was a symbol of the city. Once every 5 minutes you can see how he “breathes” with fire and smoke. Interestingly, you can tell him to exhale fire: just send the word smock to the short number 7168.
  • Then walk past the Vistula head to the Kraków Gallery – a huge shopping mall to end your excursion, whether to have a snack or go shopping. It is located near the Market, bus and railway station. Pleasant aroma of freshly baked buns, quiet pleasant music, fountains, shops and cafes – what else do you need to finish the day in an unfamiliar city?

We hope you have learned, we have helped you solve the question of what to see in Krakow. All the main attractions of Krakow can be easily viewed in one day on a hiking route. The city is relatively small, but surely its soul will remain in your memory for a long time.

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