20 useful accessories from AliExpress for iPhone

Accessories for iPhone from AliExpress

What useful accessories for iPhone you can find on AliExpress?

1. Camera glass

Although the iPhone camera has a protective glass, it can be damaged if dropped or carried in a pocket with keys. To prevent this from happening, you can use a special protective glass. With its help, the quality of shooting is not reduced. The cost of this accessory is 15-20 hryvnia.

2. Case for AirPods

It is difficult now to find a young man who has not heard of Apple’s wireless headphones. The owners know that they are very fragile. With a double-layer protective cover, you can protect them from various influences, scratches, impacts and other damage. On AliExpress, protective cases can be bought at a price of 100-150 hryvnia.

3. Video stabilization device

Even the latest iPhone model does not perform well when shooting in difficult conditions. The same can be said about dynamic shooting, when the operator has to move a lot and often. With the help of a special three-axis gimbal, you can get rid of this problem. By fixing the phone in this device, it becomes a professional video camera. The cost of this accessory is 2000-3000 hryvnia.

4. Hydrogel protective film

If your phone costs a lot of money, then you want to make it as secure as possible. You can break the touchscreen on phones of any manufacturer, and iPhones are no exception. With the help of a special hydrogel film, such troubles can be prevented. Compared to glass, this film can be stretched. This will cover the edges of the screen. The protection efficiency is higher than that of conventional films. By removing the special protective accessory, the iPhone will be almost as good as new. The cost of this accessory is 200-300 hryvnia.

5. Joystick for playing PUBG

Quite an unusual and specific accessory that allows you to make the game more enjoyable. If you do not want to use a full-size gamepad, you can give preference to its cheaper counterpart. This accessory is a trigger button that allows you to control the game PUBG. You will have to pay 100-150 hryvnia for this device.

6. Wooden organizer with charger

If several chargers accumulate in the workplace and the wires begin to shuffle into a ball, the workplace becomes a real dump. Use the handy wood organizer to organize your mobile devices neatly. Everything will be in one place – charger, pens, stapler, other stationery, and iPhone. This accessory will cost the lovers of Chinese novelties 700-1000 hryvnia.

7. Leather Case

Interesting security solution for a mobile device. If you love to carry your iPhone with you, this is perfect for you. This case has a secret pocket for money, a compartment for cards and documents. Owners of the latest iPhone model will appreciate it. The cost of this accessory is 150-200 hryvnia.

8. Glass case

Owners of the latest iPhones can equip their own mobile device with an ultra-thin case, which consists of organic glass. It has a special plate that removes heat from the smartphone. It is more durable and protects the smartphone better. Of the minuses, smartphones are more likely to be scratched and other influences. This original case costs 150-200 hryvnia.

9. External battery

For 1500-2000 hryvnia on AliExpress, you can buy an external battery from Xiaomi for 15 or 20 thousand milliamperes. This device can charge two devices at the same time. It is also possible to work in Hub mode to transfer data from one device to another. With 45W of power, this battery can be used to charge notebooks that support the PD function.

10. Selfie flash

Xiaomi has created a standalone LED lamp that comes with a clothespin and dimmable. This device performs much better when compared to the front flash of an iPhone. Sold for 300-500 hryvnia.

11. Power Bank with headphones

Another quite interesting accessory for iPhones. In this case, you get two devices in one. If the Power Bank is disconnected from the headphones, it can charge the phone. Headphones can also be charged. Their sound quality is at a fairly good level. The cost of this accessory is 1000 hryvnia.

12. Case that makes a camera from an iPhone

How many cameras in their Android smartphones Chinese developers don’t put, iPhones shoot much better. Now their level of shooting can be compared with the initial models of SLR cameras. IPhones have a hardware adjustment function and various switches. When a smartphone is inserted into such a case, using the wheel, you can adjust settings such as white balance, ISO and much more. This cover is sold at a price of 800-1000 hryvnia.

13. Cover-knuckles

As you might have guessed from the name, this cover is a brass knuckle shape. It is entirely made of metal. And it can also be carried with you on your phone and is quite heavy. It is not prohibited to use such brass knuckles. Sold at a price of 500-700 hryvnia.

14. Baseus

Buying iPhone accessories on AliExpress is not a good idea, but still there are useful and high-quality devices. Baseus is one of these. This accessory supports USB version 3 and allows you to transfer 4K video over HDMI. Sold at a price of 1000 hryvnia.

15. Suction Cup Wireless Charger

With this charger, you can solve the problem when charging your iPhone wirelessly. It will be attached to a special suction cup, which will allow you to use the phone. You can surf the Internet, chat with someone, and perform other tasks. Such charging may heat up, but you won’t break the connectors by accident. This accessory is sold for 400-500 hryvnia.

16. Wireless speaker

A small column from China can easily fit in your pocket. It can also be attached to a keychain. There are good speakers and high-quality amplifier inside. As a result, the sound is clear and without distortion. Also, the column is protected from water and other contaminants. If you like listening to music at high volume, it will be a great companion for you. This accessory can be purchased for 400-600 hryvnia.

17. Wired headphones

Wireless headphones are inferior to wired ones in sound quality. Wired headphones from Xiaomi have better sound quality and can be connected to USB C ports. They also have a special noise suppression technology built into them.

18. Adapter for LPG socket

If you buy something directly from China, then, as a rule, these devices are adapted for Chinese sockets. In this case, this adapter comes to the rescue. Its cost is low and the performance is of sufficient quality. For 20-30 UAH you will receive this accessory.

19. Charger

When you do not trust cheap Chinese chargers, you can stop the choice on charging from Xiaomi. As a rule, the amperage indicated on the charge corresponds exactly to its value.

20. Shockproof case with water protection

Buying this case, you get several additional options to protect your iPhone. With this rubberized protection, your smartphone will be protected from dust and moisture drops. Only the display remains open. This accessory can be purchased at a price of 400 UAH.

Thanks to such modern accessories, you can better interact with your iPhone. Various mobile chips will provide the end user with maximum comfort from using the iPhone. In addition, with the help of accessories, you can emphasize your own image, add completeness to the image of a smartphone, add sophistication, emphasize zest and highlight status.

In addition to the accessories mentioned in the article, in China you can find everything – from headphones to gloves, docking stations, cases and much more. More new accessories are appearing on the mobile market. Before giving preference to one or the other, you need to decide on the purpose. When choosing components from China, it is very important to pay attention to the cost and brand, as there is a risk of buying a fake. But following simple rules, you can take a professional product that has quality certificates and warranty support will apply to it. The final choice is yours.

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