A fur coat is the best gift from the Emirates

Hot Arab countries are the perfect place to relax. And what can you bring from there as a souvenir? No matter how amazing it may sound, a fur coat! It is the Emirates with its scorching sun and endless deserts that are of interest not only as a recreation area, but also as a place for fur coats tours.

Elite furs in the UAE can be purchased all year round, but from May to August there is a system of discounts that will help save money. For those who like to show off in a new fur coat, there is no better place to buy than the Emirates, because the assortment there is simply huge, the quality is the best, and the prices for any wallet.

Why buy fur coats in the UAE

According to reviews of buyers making fur coats tours, the Emirates are famous for the excellent quality of products. Many will appreciate the fact that in this country fur coats made of any fur, even mink, cost much less than in Europe and Russia, where the goods are sold with considerable margins. Even at the points of production of fur coats, their cost will be higher than in a hot country. The only thing you have to spend on a ticket to the UAE.

However, when buying a fur product, one should take into account the cunning inherent in the Arab people and how cleverly they trade, of course, not at a loss for themselves. Inexperienced lovers of fur coats risk buying a Chinese fake instead of the Italian original. However, this is easy to understand. If an Arab merchant enthusiastically praises a fur coat, assuring that it is an original from Milan, moreover from the latest collection, despite its cheapness, in this way he tries to pass off a Chinese forgery as an original.

The right choice of fur coat

Buying a fur coat is a responsible business, because the goods are expensive, and you want to spend money justifiably, without getting a low-quality fake as a result. Before buying, you need to carefully inspect the product, because the quality can be assessed visually.

The first thing you should pay attention to when choosing a fur coat is its fur. In a quality product, it is radiant, elastic, with hairs of rich color. By the way, if you try to pull them out, in this way you can also check the quality of the fur coats: if the hairs remain in place, the product is definitely worthy.

There is a secret to choosing the right long fur coat. When examining and trying on, you should examine its seamy side, because with conscientious manufacture, the inner lining of long fur coats is not stitched. If the bottom of the fur coat is stitched, this is done in order to hide any defects from the eyes of the buyer.

You should also pay attention to the condition of the skin on the seamy side: it should be smooth, soft to the touch. If the skin is rough, hard and dry, then such a fur coat will not bring pleasure when wearing, and the fragility of the skin indicates that the fur is old. Therefore, sometimes bright fur can mislead the buyer.

The policy of Eastern trade is such that bargaining in it is an integral process. The initial cost of a fur coat, indicated on the price tag, is significantly overestimated, so with the right approach, it can be reduced by 25% or even more. In order to save money, you will have to bargain. This is appropriate even in stores located in malls where the cost of goods is fixed. To start bargaining, it is better to immediately drop the price by exactly half, and then the process will go on by itself.

Fur coats retain their presentation in cold conditions and in the absence of bright light. Naturally, the climate in the hot Emirates is not at all like that. But the sellers of fur coats responsibly approach their craft and keep the goods in conditions that are acceptable to them: in dark rooms where the optimum temperature is set on air conditioners.

Where to buy a fur coat in the Emirates

You can buy fur coats in the UAE both in bazaars and in boutiques and shopping centers. Shops are open daily except Friday. There are bazaars and shops in the country that are open 24 hours a day.

Selection of fur coats

On the market of this country you can find fur coats from China, Greece and Italy. The latter are the most expensive and elite, followed by the Greek ones, and furs made in China are the budget option. Although the quality they can be in no way inferior to the Greek or even Italian. Just do not look for a high-quality fur coat in the markets, because there local merchants can give out goods of dubious quality for an exclusive thing.

If defects were discovered after purchasing a fur coat, you should know that such fur can be returned only if it was purchased in a specialized salon. The product cannot be returned on the market.

By giving money for a fur coat, the buyer hopes to purchase a high-quality and durable product, therefore, if financial resources permit, it is worth visiting the United Arab Emirates for this purpose.

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