American cuisine

American cuisine is associated primarily with fast food, grills and various types of sweets. However, few people know that it was the influence of immigrants that brought many distinctive tastes to the US cuisine.

Characteristics and history of American cuisine

All over the world, American cuisine is associated primarily with rather unhealthy fast food. Crispy deep-fried fries, cheeseburgers, barbecued grilled chicken wings, nuggets and American treats such as brownies, milkshakes or donuts are the staple of American cuisine. These are not very nutritious dishes, but their taste seems to make up for this inconvenience.

Traditional American cuisine is high in calories and quick to cook. This, in particular, was influenced by the way of nutrition of the ancient Indian tribes and the interpenetration of Mexican, Chinese, European and especially Italian and Jewish cuisines. It is also the result of the fast pace at which Americans live and the distance to be traveled (America is thousands of miles of roads between cities, parks, and attractions). Hence the need for fast food that you can take with you in the car and eat on the road.

American cuisine is especially popular with children and teenagers all over the world. It is readily available almost anywhere in the world. When consumed occasionally, they do not pose a major health risk. However, nutritionists warn that eating fast food on an ongoing basis contributes to obesity, which, in turn, carries a number of risks, including hypertension, diabetes mellitus and the risk of atherosclerosis.

The most popular American dishes

It is impossible to list all the popular American dishes. The most recognizable are:

Pancakes (pancakes) are much smaller in circumference and thicker than traditional pancakes. Prepared with wheat flour, milk, butter, eggs and baking powder. Top with maple syrup.

Ribs – Most often grilled using charcoal or the wood itself. Served with sweet and savory BBQ sauce.

Macaroni and cheese is a simple dish that cooks very quickly. Often times, the finished meal is frozen and then reheated in the microwave before use.

Hamburger – the dish needs no introduction. This is the leading representative of the fast food kitchen. It consists of a wheat bun with sesame seeds cooked hot with meat, cheese and vegetable garnishes.

Chicken nuggets are deep-fried, breaded chicken breasts. Often sold at fast food outlets. Served with sweet ketchup.

Typical American snacks, desserts and drinks

American cuisine also includes a variety of sweets, snacks and drinks. The most common:

Apple Pie – A smooth dough with apple filling and a pinch of cinnamon. A characteristic feature is a grid on the surface of the cake made of thin strips of dough. Pieces of apple pie are served warm with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Cheesecake is also known as “New York cheesecake”. The original recipe includes a cookie base and the addition of lemon juice, eggs and heavy cream to the curd.

Brownie Chocolate Cake is a cake that was created in the early 20th century. The original brownie must be liquid inside.

Donuts, a distinctive feature – a hole in the middle. Most often sold in sets of 6 or 12 pieces, covered with a large amount of colored glaze with multi-colored sprinkles.

Milkshake is a cold drink made from milk with the addition of ice cream and various fruits, most often bananas, raspberries and strawberries. It is no less popular in a chocolate version.

Cultural eating habits of American cuisine

Americans usually eat 3 meals a day with snacks. Breakfast should be very plentiful to keep you energized throughout the day. It often consists of several dishes. It can be wheat or corn flour pancakes with maple or chocolate sauce. An alternative is an omelet with bacon or ham, wheat bread, or buttered toast. Orange juice, grapefruit juice or coffee with cream are often chosen for breakfast.

Lunches are most often eaten during breaks during work. Americans choose fast food bars and eateries, as well as cold turkey sandwiches or beef steaks in bread. Desserts include a slice of cake, a muffin and an Americano-style coffee or latte with aromatic syrups.

Dinner is the most important meal of the day. Usually it is eaten in the company of relatives. There is a lot of freedom in the menu and the number of dishes. In most cases, this is soup, main course and dessert.

Interesting facts about American cuisine

  1. One of the rituals of American cuisine is barbecue, that is, a method of baking using the barbecue. Dishes must be fried for a very long time, covered with a lid. The fact is that the meat does not dry out too much and remains juicy, while the smoke penetrates the food and gives it a typical woody aroma. Spicy barbecue sauce is used in place of ketchup and mustard.
  2. A popular hot sandwich in the United States is Elvis Toast, named after the king of rock and roll. Toasted bread is spread with peanut butter, on which banana slices are placed and baked.
  3. Americans eat outside the home much more often. It does not depend on wealth, but on the convenience and availability of various eateries.
  4. Many newcomers to the United States are surprised by the sheer size of the portions. And the dishes indicated in the cards as XXL were able to satisfy even 2-3 people.

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