Buying on eBay

Buying on eBay. Disputes and Returns

Some items are not available for immediate purchase and require an auction to purchase. It starts when the item is put up for sale. EBay Auctions are classic online auctions using proxy bidding. Buying on eBay has advantages and disadvantages.

It works as follows. Suppose there are two people in the auction. The first one offers the maximum price, which is, for example, 200 rubles. The second offers 250 rubles, thus surpassing the price of the first. If the auction ends without further moves, the second person wins. But does not pay 250 rubles, but only 200 rubles plus the amount of the so-called minimum increase, which amounts to several tens of rubles (depending on the currency in which the price of the goods is indicated). Likewise, after the second person raises the price. The price of 250 rubles will not be visible, so any subsequent participants will not know how they must place a bid to beat the highest.

In practice, most often, bids at auctions begin to appear shortly before their end. Some people wait literally until the last seconds of the auction to submit their bids. This is called sniper technique. It is worth mentioning that there are websites offering an automatic price increase service a few seconds before the end of the auction. They work both on eBay and other similar sites.

How do I return an item purchased on eBay? Disputes and Returns

eBay offers sellers the choice to accept returns or not. This information is always provided on the offer page. The vast majority of returns are honored. But there are sellers who simply don’t accept them. In a situation where we buy goods from such a person and for some reason want to return it, all that remains is to contact him and try to negotiate. The law does not require the seller to accept returns in all countries, which should be considered.

In the event that the product is damaged or does not match the description at all, most sellers, especially those with a good reputation, will accept the claim. Otherwise, you may receive a refund including shipping costs by other methods. This method is for people who paid with PayPal and the product has been protected by Buyer Protection.
Information about whether a given product is protected is provided along with all basic product information. However, as a rule, protection extends to all goods, except real estate and cars. (Due to the high cost of this product). A condition for receiving a refund is to open a dispute with the PayPal Resolution Center. There the issue can be settled amicably. And in case of disagreement, the decision will be made by PayPal.

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