Symbols of the USA. The Statue of Liberty

The Statue of Liberty

She is called the main symbol of America. She proudly stands on the island of “Manhattan” and welcomes all those who swim into the harbor of New York. The majestic statue is also a symbol of Democracy and Freedom.

History of creation

In the studio of the French sculptor Auguste Bartholdi, for ten years, they designed and constructed the statue. The man who created the tower that became the symbol of France, Gustave Eiffel, also applied his talent to its design. He built an internal steel frame. According to the plan, it was a gift from the government of France, the government of the States.

This solemn event was supposed to take place on July 4, 1876, but due to lack of money, the event was postponed indefinitely. Then part of the statue was taken to the city of Philadelphia and part (hand with a torch) to New York. An exhibition was created, and a fee (50 cents) was taken to visit. Thus, the authorities tried to help out money for the installation of this statue. And this strategy was good, but still there were not enough funds. This is where aspiring World journalist Joseph Pulitzer came to the rescue. He organized a fundraising committee, typed columns and wrote notes. Pulitzer, in his own words, “Take this as a personal gift to you!”, Encouraged many Americans and immigrants to participate in the event. And, literally, the required amount was collected in six months. The statue was finally completed on October 28, 1886. France presented this magnificent gift to America. It was a sign of friendship between two states separated by an ocean.

Erection of a statue

An agreement was signed between the countries: America was responsible for the installation site, and France for the transportation of the facility. The US authorities decided that the best place for the statue would be an island in the harbor of New York. In addition, the foundation had already been laid there, however, for other purposes, but still it was quite suitable for a giant statue. Since the frame had already been made (Gustave Eiffel), Bartholdi decided to sheathe the frame with copper sheets (2.4 mm thick). As a result, 350 parts were made, and like a designer they were fastened together. Then they just put it on the frame. Four steel supports, throughout the entire growth of the statue, made up the frame. Parts made of copper, and this material is easy to cut and bend, made it possible to lighten the skin of the frame, and also facilitated the fitting of parts, which significantly accelerated the assembly.

Brief characteristics of the object

The height of the statue is about 34 m, and together with the torch – 93 m. The total weight of the structure is 254 tons.

Interesting Facts

24 ct. This is exactly how much gold the new torch of the Statue of Liberty was covered with The old torch was dismantled due to the strong effect of corrosion on it.

About 600 times a year. Lightning strikes the statue so many times.

Lady Liberty is the 29th largest statue in the world.

Symbols and popularity

Since the statue is located on an island, it can be reached by ferry. If you want to climb to the very top, to the crown, then you need to book tickets in advance, because places are limited. And if for one reason or another it did not work out, then you can wander around the island, as well as go to the observation deck, from where you can see the statue from the inside.

The Statue of Liberty is a symbol of hope for a brighter future. No wonder it was located at the entrance to the harbor of New York. She inspires millions of immigrants and refugees. They come to the States for a new life and Miss Liberty welcomes everyone.

Many postage stamps and banknotes bear the image of the statue. All sorts of organizations and companies in America use this symbol to attract the attention of workers. Numerous emblems and logos have been created with this symbol.

The American people are very proud that it is in their country that there is a statue that personifies Hope for all people in the world!

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