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From the history of Chinese traditional medicine

3000 BC – time tested! Yes, yes, such ancient times of barbaric raids on various settlements, slave-holding system, feudal rule, but also  the presence of highly developed Chinese traditional medicine. Of course, after raids or repelling wars of conquest, it was necessary to heal half of the country, and quickly! After repelling an attack from one side, the country was already capturing the other. Since cloning was not developed at that time. And even now you cannot stamp any soldiers. It was necessary to revive the entire pro-politariat that defended the country. And what is better than daily experience in practice. Especially when the samurai stand behind, having received an order from the emperor to execute anyone who does not follow the order. But the order in the 11th-3rd centuries BC was “Defend at any cost!”

During this busy period of human activity, as indeed now, Chinese folk medicine developed. It’s funny that it was during the XI-III-centuries. BC BC in the Chinese Empire there were not so many genius healers. In the entire Zhou dynasty, there were two doctors with the highest degree, four with an average. Also two – nutritionists (a very popular specialty during the wars, eight therapists, eight surgeons, several veterinarians and 2 pharmacists. These data have come down to us according to official sources. That is, those who managed to weave between executions, war, deaths, epidemics and many other delights of the Middle Ages.

First medical literature

We must pay tribute to those who put all the moments of their positive healing everyday life in the text. So the book “Huang Di Nei Ching” (about the nature and life ) no less than 18 volumes. Even then, our brothers in medicine understood that the heart is an engine that drives blood through the body. Let’s make a remark on the positive aspects of wars, because there is no negative without positive.

During various forays, as it is now fashionable to say, not only real estate and finance, but also literature, were “pushing out”. These are generally unique cases in history, when such figures as Alexander the Great, Mamai, Hannibal, Georgy Kastrioti Skanderberg, Li Sung Xian and others paid attention to science, bringing with them libraries of tech countries that were captured or tried to preserve those that were.


It was in these “dashing” times for the world that Chinese folk medicine began and gave impetus to the development of the doctrine of YAN – masculine principle, positive and YIN – feminine principle , negative. According to the doctrine, YANG and YIN are present in the entire universe and in the body of any person. And disease is nothing else. as an imbalance between them. You can safely draw an analogy with family life if we consider the family – “organism” = YANG + YIN. Any imbalance between a woman or a man immediately affects the body, that is, family relationships.

And so the main activity, generating income in 206 BC. e. , it was salt production and metallurgy. Which gave widespread use of products of this industry in medicine. And also gave such results as the use of saline solution when washing the eyes, which clarifies the vision. And Glauber’s salt (this is sodium sulfate) has a laxative effect. Metal is acupuncture (needles). Whatever one may say, and when your salary is  salt or you take out a couple of ingots of metal from work every day. Then you will not willingly use it wherever you hit. That’s how you got to constipation and holes in your body))).

Again, returning to the insatiable desire of monopolists to expand their influence in the world, it is worth noting the opium trade. So British activists were involved in the distribution of this exclusive product from India to China so intensively that opium was used even in Soviet times to treat colic in the intestines. I agree that it is difficult to imagine in 2015 a mother giving her child a “dose” of opium so that he does not become puffy.

A little about Chinese doctors

As they say, children do not have to choose which family they are born in. So Li Shi-chen was born into a family of a doctor, where his father and grandfather were the same doctors ( something like a family business. In this case, everything turned out fine – Li was able to realize himself in this area to the maximum. He combined all the knowledge of the pharmacology of ancient China. And not only in one of his works “Fundamentals of Pharmacology” (Ben-tsao-gan-mu ), where 1892 medicines were described. It is difficult to imagine the number of human victims that preceded the appearance of a true herbal remedy for the treatment of a particular disease.

And there were 1892 of them! In fact, this work collected together had a very high popularity, despite the fact that on for 300 years there was no such understanding as marketing, promotion, advertising. And the book from 1606 to 1941 was translated into Japanese, Latin, German, French, English.

Acupuncture and moxibustion

Back to acupuncture and moxibustion. It is beyond comprehension that the circumstance that led the scientists of Chinese medicine to the decision to use metal objects in therapy. In fact, we get a positive effect through the metal stuck into our body! The answer is again simple, there are always those who are watching something or someone. From grandmothers in the yard and ending with foreign intelligence. So here, too, there were figures who noticed that wounds, cuts or injections to some points of the body significantly facilitate the course of a number of diseases or cure various pathologies!

Well, for example, you have insomnia – you need to put (of course a professional acupuncturist) needles on the back of the hand. And at the base of the 1st and 2nd th fingers. And if the patient is in a fainting state, then he needs to plunge a needle into the upper lip. The main thing is to have time to jump back so that he does not attack you when he comes to himself (Dear reader, forgive me, but the form of humor is more important than ever in our time, even when describing such serious clinical cases)). You can imagine that before the III century. BC e. there were STONE needles !!!

Anyway, Mao Tse-tung urged to unite doctors with a modern specialty with doctors of alternative medicine. In 1956 was the establishment of the Central Scientific Research Institute of Chinese Medicine.

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