Container shipping: features and benefits

Transportation of goods in containers is one of the most demanded services in terms of cargo transportation, and every year this service becomes more and more popular. This is due to the fact that container shipping allows you to deliver goods even over long distances without losing quality, including even very large volumes.

Container shipping features

Container transportation allows you to transport even very large loads, since the size of containers can be several square meters. At the same time, all the necessary transportation conditions are observed, containers are selected in accordance with the size, shape of the cargo and the required temperature regime. In addition, it helps to preserve all the qualities and properties of the cargo. It is protected from moisture, direct sunlight and other adverse factors. In addition, container transportation by road is also convenient because, firstly, they do not depend on interruptions in transport and schedules, therefore, downtime is reduced as much as possible, and secondly, in this way it is possible to deliver goods even to the most remote areas and cities. … In most cases, the cost of such cargo transportation is relatively inexpensive compared to other methods of cargo delivery, and the contractor controls the process throughout the entire delivery. Typically, customers are provided with information about the condition of their cargo throughout the entire route, which allows for maximum safety. The container delivery process is always accompanied by all the necessary documentation and the necessary certificates.

Advantages of container shipping

This method of cargo delivery makes it possible to receive and send parcels from anywhere in the world. Moreover, all documents will have to be concluded only between two countries: sending and receiving. Even if on the way the cargo will cross the borders of other countries, there is no need to arrange transit, since the container is not opened on the way. Another advantage is that container shipping is carried out by almost any type of transport as quickly as possible. Often, when delivering one cargo, several types of transport are used in order to deliver the parcel as quickly as possible. In addition, you can use targeted delivery so that the container with the cargo is immediately sent to a specific warehouse or directly to a store. All carriers guarantee the safety of the cargo during delivery, it is prohibited to open containers on the way. It should also be noted that delivery companies try to find the fastest and most profitable transportation methods. Also, carriers are trying to provide other advantageous offers, for example, groupage cargo.

Additional services

Many companies additionally provide an opportunity to insure their cargo against unforeseen situations. You can find an insurer on your own or use the services of a transport company partner. Most carriers provide this opportunity. If the cargo is especially valuable, you can order such a service as the protection of property and equipping the cargo with special sensors. For small cargoes, most companies provide a door-to-door delivery service: the carrier will deliver the packaging directly to the desired warehouse or store.

How to choose a company

In order for the cargo to be delivered on time and in proper quality, it is very important to be sure that the company is reliable and safe. When choosing a carrier, special attention should be paid to the following questions: how many years the company has been on the market, what reviews and reputation it has, as well as what additional conditions the company provides, in particular, cargo insurance, escort and other benefits. Particular attention should be paid to not having to arrange transit when crossing borders, in some cases this can harm the cargo.
Container transportation has many advantages, but it is very important to choose the right containers and carrier, as well as to decide on the method of transportation: by sea, by land or by rail. These aspects directly affect whether the customer will be able to deliver or receive his cargo safe and sound.

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