Where is the best place to shop in Italy?

Shopping in Italy is one of the favorite activities for tourists, locals, avid shopaholics. And also for those who own showrooms of European clothing. In Italy, you can find products for every taste and price.

 Shopping in Italy and express delivery from Italy to Ukraine Brand shops with the latest collections, sales, outlets, medium and low-price shops. Very often in Italy you can buy designer things, at ridiculous prices. And even for new collections you can find breathtaking discounts. Also, there are many salons of evening, wedding dresses and shoes of famous brands. Italy is really a paradise for shoppers.

Shopping in Italy

For starters, it is worth noting that Italy is famous not only for beautiful clothes, but also for many others. Therefore, where it is better to arrange shopping, depends on the preferences and wishes:

  • Beautiful Rome. If you want to buy a fur coat or any other fur product – Rome is perfect. Do not ignore the collection of branded things and shoes.
  • Latest collections of the most popular fashion houses? Then you definitely need to go to Milan. Moreover, even new collections can be purchased at a discount. Milan is considered to be one of the best cities for shopping.
  • Bologna – it is here that you can get delicious delicacies. If you want to buy antiques, you should also look into this city.
  • If the main interest is shoes or cosmetics, then Rimini is most suitable. In particular, this city is famous for wholesale sales, which is interesting for those who are interested in bulk purchase for their stores.
  • Florence is the realm of leather goods.
  • Sales of past designer collections, quality luxury watches, perfumes and shoes are Turin.
  • Finally, the romantic and magnificent Venice. Interesting works from Murano glass and souvenirs.

How can I plan a shopping tour and how it can be?

A self-planned tour. Most importantly, to begin to determine what exactly you need. Next, it is worth to see in which cities it is better to buy what is planned to buy. You can trace the dates of new collections. Thus, you can understand when there will be discounts for the past or for a new one.

It’s best to browse online stores. And also communicate on forums and in thematic groups, where local residents will be able to tell verified information that is not always available on the Internet.

After the monitoring, you can book tickets for the right dates, book a short-term accommodation.

Organized tours. Yes, there are firms that organize shopping tours to Italy. And they can pick it up for all your requirements.

A virtual shopping tour. You can order everything you need, through an intermediary with a secure transaction and express delivery from Italy .

Complex shopping tours to Italy

Shopping in Italy is very popular, but often it makes sense to visit other European countries. Moreover, when you enter one country in the Schengen area, there are no problems to go to several countries nearby. Flights, travel between European countries is quite cheap.

Therefore, intending to visit Italy for the purpose of shopping, there is reason to see interesting stores in the neighboring countries. And to arrange a trip a little longer.

If you can not or do not want to personally buy these or other things – you can always use such a service as express delivery from Europe. The main thing is to choose a company in which you are sure. Then everything will be delivered in the near future, that it would be desirable in the integrity and safety. BIZNE С - И Н Ф О Р М - Catalog of companies, enterprises, goods and services of Ukraine

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