Exhibitions in China 2019

Tickets for exhibitions in China 2019 are bought up for several months, and sometimes are booked a year in advance. And all because they paid the closest attention of business all over the world. At the Chinese industrial forums, novelties are presented that in a few months become the most popular on the market (for example, spinners first showed it in Ganzhou, and after two months they became the best-selling toy in Ukraine). Here they make acquaintances, fit contracts and execute large deals. But first things first.

What is useful for exhibitions in China for an entrepreneur?

China is a real mecca for a businessman. This is where a huge amount of consumer goods are produced, which are then sold in stores all over the world.

How do Chinese producers present their products? Demonstrate them at specialized exhibitions that are held in China all the time. At such exhibitions you can get acquainted with the novelties in the field in which you work; find a partner in China and enter the market of this country; sign contracts and immediately purchase small or large batches of products on site.

If you are not yet working in trade or are ready to switch to another product market, in general familiarize yourself with the trends of world business. Here you can meet people who have been working in this field for a long time, and ask them to tell about their own experiences. This will help you decide whether you should trade China-made goods.

Subjects of exhibitions in China

Exhibitions in China 2019 cover all areas of industry that are present and developed in the country. And at numerous events they demonstrate new products and already popular products of the most different directions:

  • textiles;
  • shoes and clothes;
  • light industry products;
  • automotive industry;
  • electronics and high-tech products;
  • Home Products;
  • agricultural machinery;
  • food and more.

We should also note that there are both multi-disciplinary and highly specialized exhibitions.

It is important not to miss: the biggest events

Beijing - Exhibitions in China in 2019Every year, more than 2 thousand exhibitions are held in the Middle Kingdom, and you can easily find a calendar and a schedule on the Internet. But some of them are worth it to say a few words about them separately.

Canton Fair ( Canton Fair) , which has been held annually in the province for 60 years Guangzhou. About her, you can really say that this is an event that changes global trade. In this place, about 25 thousand manufacturers of products with their own stands gather, and up to 200 thousand visitors come together. Multidisciplinary exhibition, which exhibits Chinese and foreign enterprises. Right during the fair, contracts for millions of dollars are concluded.

CIAACE – the largest exhibition of automotive products, tuning and care products behind the car. Held in Beijing and brings together up to 6 thousand automakers from around the world.

CIBE – an exhibition of manufacturers of products for beauty, hygiene and health, which held since 1989 in Guangzhou twice a year. This is where demonstration of new cosmetics and perfumery products take place.

PharmChina – Pharmaceutical Exhibition, which is held in Shanghai and attracts attention 200 000 people from around the world. On it you can see the products of more than 7,000 pharmaceutical manufacturers.

CMEF is the fair where companies specializing in medical equipment. According to the organizers, businessmen from 150 countries of the world come specially to this event.

What to do at the exhibition to spend time with benefits

Not only manufacturers of goods work at the fairs, but also companies that provide consulting and mediation services and help Ukrainian entrepreneurs negotiate with Chinese partners about the delivery of goods.

Mediators will literally help you find a common language with a Chinese businessman, including providing translation services. However, we recommend finding an assistant in advance and agreeing with him about cooperation for a specific time. During the exhibition period, their services are snapped up, and finding a partner on site is often problematic.

By the way, you can not only arrange the transaction, but also immediately evaluate the product, accept it and control the assembly of the party and sending it to Ukraine. This is convenient, especially if you are still in China. After returning home, very soon you will meet the goods you purchased (of course, depending on the kind of transport you will be delivering).

Thus, exhibitions in China 2019 will in various aspects be as useful as possible for your business.

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