Delivery of parcels from China

Delivery of parcels from China to Ukraine

The secret of the incredible rise of Chinese goods on the consumer ladder in Ukraine is fast and inexpensive delivery of parcels from China. Why is the transportation of goods from Asia is profitable and affordable? Thanks to exactly what products can bring business to a new level?

Many people know that China is currently the largest exporter of various goods to other countries. Ukrainians also like low prices and decent quality. To meet the demand, express delivery or economy of delivery of Chinese parcels are organized.

Fast delivery of goods from China

If you are expecting a small parcel from China or have ordered a large shipment of goods, undoubtedly, the first thing that will worry you is the time. To establish trade in Chinese goods, it is necessary to constantly replenish the range. And as you know, the main problem of Chinese stores is a very long dispatch, which can take up to 2 months.

However, with the advent of logistics companies, transportation reached a professional level, which led to significant reductions in terms. More quickly carried out the design and measurement parameters of the parcel. Although the final delivery period will depend on the specific method you choose to deliver cargo from Chinese territory.

Consolidation of cargo, when parcels are combined into one container, as well as customs clearance, unloading and loading are not the concern of the stores, but the company performing the delivery. After all, often you have to send not only trading products, but personal items or correspondence. It is worth noting that the shipping company often allows you to track a package from China by track number.

Best Products for Business from China

Delivery of brands from China is always popular and in demand among various segments of the population. Less trendy items are also in use, which is why the question arises, what to bring from China for sale?

Still leading wireless devices, gadgets and headsets, such as chargers or headphones. Next comes the clothes, shoes and bags. And after the perfume and cosmetics. In addition, certain niches on the Ukrainian market are occupied by:

  • Dishes and kitchen utensils;
  • Items for fitness, equipment for traveling;
  • Fabrics, bedding;
  • Products from eco-friendly materials for home and office.

The next demanded area is “everything for the car”, which includes video recorders, navigators, covers, alarm devices, car air purifiers and accessories for the cabin. The list of top products from China may vary depending on the season and fashion trends.

Shipping cost from China

Dimensions and weight will affect the price of a parcel from China. On the other hand, the main amount of transportation will be the type of delivery you choose:

  1. By plane. The most expensive, but promptly, express delivery of a parcel is from 5 days, maximum week. Air delivery of parcels from China has certain limitations, for example, you cannot transport liquid and powdered substances.
  2. Motor transport. The average price, but not a high level of preservation of the goods.
  3. By water. Cheap delivery from China to Ukraine always implies transportation by water transport, which have their own advantages and disadvantages. The first is an excellent level of preservation of cargo, and among the negative aspects of a longer period of 3 weeks or more.

When the package is lost or damaged under force majeure circumstances, the company pays compensation if the goods were insured. Therefore, organized delivery of parcels from China with excellent service and at reasonable prices is available now!

In Time shipping from China to Ukraine

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