Fashion trends from Korea

Fashion from Korea

Today, Asia has become a leader in the fashion industry. Because clothes from South Korea, Japan, and China represent the Asian fashion trend with its peculiar style and culture. Also the whole world today recognizes that Asian fashion has the present and future of the fashion industry. This is largely due to the massive penetration of the pop culture of these countries in other countries.

South Korea Industry

Consider carefully the fashion industry in South Korea, which has a huge impact on fashion around the world. Because the Korean textile industry is a powerful industry, high technology, the use of only natural materials, excellent quality. Korean fashion today offers stylish, vibrant, sophisticated youth clothing. Korean designers are gaining popularity in the fashion industry, they get the highest awards. Their products are bold, bizarre, original, hit the catwalks and create a real sensation in the fashion world.

The Korean fashion brand is now quickly gaining popularity and recognition and is on the same level with the global brands in Europe and America. Fashionable clothes from Korea are in great demand in the markets of all countries, and Russia is not far behind. So what kind of Korean fashion is it, what style in youth fashion does it offer?

Fashion Trends

Cinema, the achievements of the electronic industry, and modern electronic music have a great influence on fashion. Koreans are very efficient. All the latest fashion trends from the world’s leading catwalks you can see on them after literally a few weeks after the shows.

Women and men dress very stylishly and with great taste. The clothes are elegant, modern, functional. Women’s clothing emphasizes grace and femininity, whether it is a strict dark business suit or an informal look of bright and delicate colors of the model. Men have a very well-groomed, emphasized elegant appearance. They always have a perfect hairstyle, clean shoes, perfume fragrance.

In general, denim, a loose style of clothing prevail in Korean fashion: shirts, overalls, jeans, “eared” hoodies, business suits with loose trousers or midi skirts are very popular. South Korean street fashion is eye-catching. Current residents of the peninsula are very proud of their slender legs and willingly demonstrate them. They wear mini skirts and shorts, leggings and tight trousers, sitting on them like “second skin”. Koreans’ favorite things are a variety of scarves and uggs. Clothes are often decorated with ruffles, bows and folds, stripes of plush characters, skulls and various inscriptions.

The most common image in Korea

The image of the “cute flower girl” is the most common in Korea. It is distinguished by delicate pastel colors, a little baggy clothes. But this does not lose its attractiveness. Hoodies with ears on the hoods, airy mini dresses with lace or prints, T-shirts with the image of “cartoon”, ballet flats give the image innocence, emphasize freshness, femininity, lightness. Also fashionistas like to wear clothes with sleeves of such a length to hide half of the hands. Army style clothing is widely popular. Long baggy jackets with a khaki belt are worn with jeans, dresses, tight trousers in the cold season. This image looks very stylish.

Hip-hop style

Hip-hop style is very popular among fashionistas and fashionistas. These are wide T-shirts, long T-shirts, sweatshirts with a fur collar, jeans with many pockets. In such clothes, the girls look modern, stylish, independent. It’s common to see cute couples dressed in paired t-shirts and blouses on the street. An obligatory element of style is sneakers. These are irreplaceable and versatile shoes on the Korean peninsula. They are worn with skirts and dresses, shorts and pants, and even with business suits.

Among the accessories, bags and glasses are also very popular. Almost everyone wears glasses, regardless of whether a person has good or bad eyesight. And the most interesting – they go to everyone. But people wear just a frame, without glasses. The Korean women are very popular clutch bags in the form of a large envelope, handbags, “postman”. A collar became a separate accessory. With its help, fashionistas can get a huge variety of images.

Holistic image

It is interesting that Koreans create a holistic, complete image. Which is characterized by makeup, hair and accessories. The use of makeup is not a mandatory factor, but if it is already present, then it is very serious. Also they use foundation creams, bronzers, shadows, lip glosses, eyeliners and mascara, false eyelashes. To make the eyes visually larger, use lenses. Korean women mostly wear ordinary, standard hairstyles: loose hair, braids, buns.

All ideas for creating a unique image of a Korean woman are from show business, cinema. Fashionable and modern images of their favorites Koreans immediately grab and embody in their image.

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