Delivery of groupage cargo from China to Ukraine

Delivery of groupage cargo from China to Ukraine is gaining momentum. Entrepreneurs doing business in the Ukrainian territory are interested in delivering small quantities of goods from key Chinese partners. And the company “East European Express” is interested to deliver them to you as soon as possible.
Groupage cargoes – It is a combination of small consignments of goods from different customers, which are delivered together on the same vehicle along the same route. After arriving at the destination point, the recipient is notified of the arrival of the goods and can receive it if the relevant documents are available.

That is, if you need to transport a small batch of goods, then choosing the delivery by the collective method you do not pay the entire container, but pay the cost of transportation in proportion to the size and weight of your cargo. Transported batches of goods are placed in a vehicle so that there is no empty space.

With boric cargo from China, in delivery options

Delivery of groupage cargo from China to Ukraine can be carried out in various ways:

  1. Air transport. This option is much more expensive, since there is no possibility to transport goods from a large number of customers. However, this is the most economical way of transportation for a temporary resource.
  2. Sea transport. This type of transport is much cheaper, since the number of containers and their capacity is much more. But in this case, the load will go for a longer time. In addition, Ukraine has good maritime traffic and a sufficient number of equipped ports for receiving foreign cargo.
  3. Rail transport. This type of transportation does not depend on weather conditions. In addition, there is an opportunity to deliver goods to any point in the country where there is a rail link. The cost of such delivery is also the most affordable for the Ukrainian entrepreneur. However, there are some drawbacks: the relatively long delivery time, and the low safety of the transported goods, in particular bulk and construction materials.

Features of the container transportation of consolidated cargo

Perhaps the biggest disadvantage of this type of transportation is the impossibility of urgent delivery. This is due to the fact that the main purpose of the delivery of consolidated cargo is to minimize transportation costs, and as a result, significant savings in cash of the delivery customer.

Customers should consider that it is possible to transport almost any goods, except for those that are banned by international law. Namely:

  • weapon;
  • chemicals;
  • radioactive elements;
  • narcotic drugs;
  • other specific materials.

In addition, it is inappropriate to transport perishable foodstuffs, plants, fragile items from China to Ukraine.

Calculation cost of delivery of consolidated cargo

 Groupage from China Shipping costs are always individual. It depends on the dimensions of the shipped goods, their actual weight, features of transportation and other parameters.

The staff of the company engaged in the delivery and maintenance of cargo will calculate the exact cost of delivery. To do this, it is enough to inform the address of sending and delivery of goods, their total weight and dimensions.

In addition, the cost includes documentary and customs clearance, sometimes a guarantee, by agreement with the customer.

Benefits of delivery of groupage cargo from China

Due to the large number of advantages of delivering small batches of goods delivery of groupage cargo is widely popular among small, medium and large businesses in Ukraine.
The main advantages include the following:

  • The ability to arrange the delivery of goods from China “turnkey”.
  • significant savings in transportation costs.
  • cargo consolidation ;
  • control of delivery and safety of the transported goods at all stages of transportation;
  • the ability to monitor the location of goods by the customer throughout the journey.
  • ongoing customer support;
  • guarantee of safety and delivery.

So, the benefits of shopping abroad are indisputable. Especially, if the People’s Republic of China is the export trading partner. Advanced production technologies provide a relatively low price that Ukrainian businessmen like. International shipping companies have developed a groupage delivery system. Transportation of cargoes from China to Ukraine is absolutely not troublesome and economically most profitable.

In Time shipping from China to Ukraine

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