Goods from China for business – TOP-9

Goods from China for business

Online commerce is becoming more and more in demand every day. Online stores are growing like mushrooms after rain. In recent times, the purchase of goods from abroad, including from China, has become fashionable. But certain goods, due to the constant and inexhaustible demand for them, are able to bring maximum profit.

1. Cheap retail goods

This category includes essentials (disposable dishes and hygiene items), stationery, various household items and other buns. This product is filled with a huge number of stores selling it at a fixed price, but in bulk it costs thousands of times cheaper.

2. Gastronomic goods by weight

This item includes various bulk products, nuts, dried fruits, teas and other food sold at wholesale prices in tons. It is especially profitable to sell it in small containers: a cheap price generates demand.

3. Auto parts and automotive technology

This area of ​​merchandise has gained widespread popularity today. It includes parking sensors, DVRs, rear cameras, radio tape recorders, as well as various tuning elements.

4. Electronics

Of course, this does not mean trash from the underground, but the goods of average Chinese brands, undervalued over the hill. But in vain, because they produce more budgetary analogs of world models (photo and video equipment, smartphones, projectors, computers and accessories for them, etc.). However, if in China these goods are cheap, in Ukraine they are resold at times more expensive under other brands. However, Chinese brands themselves enter the Ukrainian market, like Meizu and Xiaomi.

5. Leather clothing and fur coats

Yes, “luxury” outerwear is produced not only in Italy, but also in this communist country, where the cult of labor has taken root. Some well-known firms have already built sewing workshops there. What is produced in China can be sold at 4 times more expensive.

However, it should be borne in mind that in a natural leather wrapper they can serve pressed, and in a mink fur wrapper – rabbit fur.

6. Furniture

There are many more valuable tree species in China than in any other country, and furniture made from them is very cheap, so it is profitable to import it from China for sale in other countries. And some shops sell it under the guise of European furniture.

7. Shoes

In China, they sell not only outerwear, but also shoes, which are cheap analogs of world shoe companies, as well as gloves, belts and handbags of various types.

8. Equipment, machinery and spare parts for it

This area is perfect for those who understand it.

European and even Japanese technology is superior in quality to its Chinese counterparts, however, the latter are sold cheaper, so start-up enterprises use them, and from the income received in the future by the organization, it will be possible to buy more advanced equipment or repair existing ones.

9. Other goods

This includes clothes for children and teenagers, as well as household goods (kitchen appliances, bedspreads and curtains). These niches are very promising for business.

Perhaps among the above ideas you will find a suitable one for yourself.

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