Groupage cargo from Italy

What is groupage cargo

Groupage cargo from Italy is relevant all year round, regardless of the season. Both ordinary customers and small and medium-sized businesses in Ukraine use the delivery services of small batches of goods from various Italian companies and partners. And the service “East European Express” provides the maximum range of services in the field of delivery of groupage cargoes in a short time.

If you do not fully know what is the concept of groupage goods. Then these are small loads from various customers combined into one large load. And transported in large containers on the same vehicle along the same route. At the time of arrival of the goods, you receive a notification of the delivered cargo and can receive it upon presentation of the relevant document. The cost of delivery of groupage directly affects the weight, volume. Although the operator may bear the risks that are associated with partial filling of the container.

Delivery options for groupage cargo from Italy

Delivery of cargoes from Italy to Ukraine can be by:

  • Air transport. This option is the most costly. Since shipping by air does not have the ability to transport goods in large quantities or from a large number of customers. Of the advantages, this method is the fastest form of transportation.
  • Sea transport. This type of transportation is much cheaper than air transport. Since this option has the largest container capacity and quantity. And, therefore, the money spent will be divided into a larger number of people. However, groupage cargoes from Italy delivered by sea reach a longer period of time. At the same time, Ukraine is located at a location favorable for maritime transport. And there are a sufficient number of well-equipped ports for small import of foreign goods.
  • Rail transport. This type of transport for transportation, unlike the first two, does not depend on weather conditions. Also, such transport interchanges allow you to deliver groupage cargo anywhere in the country. This type of delivery is financially available for Ukrainian entrepreneurs of small and medium level. Among the shortcomings of delivery by rail, it is worth considering the duration of transportation, as well as the relatively low safety of the transported goods in brittle and loose form.

Specifics of groupage cargo delivery

One of the least convenient characteristics of this type of transportation of goods is time-bound to the general set of containers and the impossibility of urgent delivery. This way of delivery minimize the cost of transportation, albeit with limited time. However, this is still beneficial to customers. Such delivery provides significant financial savings and this allows you to increase profits from the resale of goods.

Ban on groupage cargo

However, customers of our service should take into account that there is a list of goods prohibited for transportation on the basis of international law. It is forbidden to transport such items as:

  • Any kind of weapon.
  • Chemical and radioactive substances. Such substances are purchased privately with permits and documents not included in groupage cargoes.
  • Narcotic drugs (even with legal acquisition in the sending country, international law prohibits the transfer of such items between countries).

There are also products that require special conditions for transportation. If the company or the sender cannot provide them, then they should be ordered when taking into account the time spent on delivery.

Types of goods popular for transportation of groupage cargo from Italy to Ukraine

Interest in groupage cargo from Italy is quite high. Since many people consider Italy a standard of quality and fashion. The most popular goods for transportation from Italy, in turn, are:

  • Clothing and accessories.
  • Cosmetic products: decorative and cosmetics for care.
  • Household appliances.
  • Decor and materials for repair/design.
  • Food: wines, cheeses, spices, etc.

How to track a parcel from Italy

As a client, it is often necessary to know at what stage delivery is in order to draw up our plans for the sale or handling of this cargo, we have included tracking packages in our services. Therefore, at the time of order, you will get a parcel number. It will let you check the current location of the groupage cargo.
If there is any problem with location checking, you have the opportunity to contact the service department. And then the manager will provide you with information about your product online. This way we eliminate worries about the loss or not receiving the package on time. So groupage cargo from Italy will always be in your sight.

In Time delivery from Italy to Ukraine of goods, parcels.

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