How to build an eBay business

Why selling on eBay is so attractive

The eBay online auction has been around for over 20 years. During this time, this platform has shown its efficiency. It ranks second after Amazon in terms of sales. Many buyers and sellers find each other on eBay. How to build an eBay business?

Business on eBay

EBay trade organization allow many people from all over the world to start trading. And thereby earn a profit for themselves. This is not difficult to do, since the platform offers a convenient work system. And it takes a small commission for it. Plus, trading on eBay carries virtually no fraud risks. The seller rating system has been thought out here, and all payments go only through the PayPal payment system.

How to start trading

To get started on eBay, you must register. This procedure is quick. You will also need a dollar bank card to pay for the auction services. You definitely need a PayPal account through which payments will be made. PayPal does not work in all countries. This is also worth asking in advance. Even if it will not be possible to receive payment for the goods sold directly, this can be done through intermediaries.

Before the seller finds his product, which will bring him the desired income, it is worth some time to trade in something not very expensive. These can be some personal unnecessary items or cheap items. This approach will allow you to study the platform interface. And understand the intricacies of the work, understand how commissions are set for a certain lot.

In parallel, you can search for your product niche by examining the “Sold item” or “Advanced search” sections. Here you can see how much profit other sellers have made for this or that product.

How to build further work

Each month, eBay provides 50 free classified ads for the seller. At each of them, the seller publishes a specific lot, not forgetting to accompany it with a detailed description and high-quality pictures. You should also pay attention to the keywords for which this lot will be found. As soon as the buyer finds the product he needs, he can go to the seller’s profile and see all the lots presented for sale.

But 50 ads are not enough for business development. For this there is an opportunity to create your own store. eBay offers five storefront options. Each of the options has its own cost and includes a different number of ads.

An important question for the seller is the exact calculation of the final cost of the goods, which, in addition to the price, should include the commissions of the Internet platform and payment system, the cost of delivery and packaging and other costs.

After the product is purchased, it must be sent to the buyer. Each seller should also understand the peculiarities of international shipping. And take into account the nuances of receiving parcels by different countries.

But the most important thing about eBay trading is maintaining a competitive edge. It should be remembered that buyers come here looking for a cheaper or unique product. It is important to offer a price that remains attractive to the seller.

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