TOP 3 budget smartphones in the Chinese market

Chinese smartphones

Chinese smartphones have long conquered world markets for the sale of a variety of electronics. But initially, the production of Chinese electronics was based on a standard alteration of European and American counterparts. But over time, the major Chinese smartphone and electronics companies in general have reached a whole new level of production. Now the whole world knows purely Chinese smartphone brands, such as: “Huawei”, “ZTE”, “Meizu” or “Vivo”. This article will be devoted to the 10 most relevant and competitive smartphones from the largest Chinese brands.

Sales in the Ukrainian market

Quite a bit of statistical information will not hurt. Between the beginning of 2019 and the beginning of 2020, smartphone sales from China increased sharply in the Ukrainian market. So, Huawei came in second place, after the European company Samsung, where the share of sales amounted to as much as 30% of the entire smartphone market. At the same time, the total growth from all sales amounted to 240%. But the fourth place in sales belongs to the company Xiaomi, whose sales reached 10% of the entire market. But only one conclusion can be drawn from this – consumers are less and less paying attention to the brand and increasingly prefer more budget-friendly counterparts from China.

Chinese smartphones, key benefits

At first, Chinese companies engaged in pure copying of European and American counterparts. Neither Europe nor the United States liked this; accordingly, huge penalties were imposed on China for faking and using the brand. But more recently, Xiaomi made a breakthrough in production technologies and managed to release the world’s first frameless smartphone Mi Mix. The well-known company Apple was able to release exactly the same analogue after a whole year.

Exactly a year later, the Chinese company Vivo showed another technological breakthrough in the global smartphone market, which released a phone with the ability to unlock through a person’s fingerprint.

In early 2018, another Chinese company, Huawei, created a completely new smartphone with support for 3 cameras, where the quality and performance of all cameras was much higher, than in the American counterpart from Apple.

Xiaomi smartphone “Pocophone F1”

Released at the end of 2018, but remains relevant to this day. Also there are 2 cameras: the main camera is 12 megapixels and the front camera is 5 megapixels. System performance depends on the latest Snapdragon 845 series processor. But the highlight of this smartphone is a smart cooling system that circulates fluid through copper tubes, preventing the processor from overheating.

Xiaomi Pocophone F1

Battery with a capacity of 4000 mah – this volume with a head is enough for 8 hours of trouble-free operation in heavy and energy-intensive applications. The display resolution is from 2246 to 1080 pixels, with a diagonal of 6.2. RAM, which is as much as 8 GB, allows you to quickly receive and process information from all applications. Internal memory is selected at the buyer’s choice and varies from 64 to 256 GB, it all depends on the needs of consumers.


  • low cost;
  • one of the best cooling systems;
  • high autonomy and performance;
  • excellent audio system and headset;
  • high quality photos.


  • outdated and outdated design;
  • lack of a moisture barrier;
  • use plastic to make the shape of the case.

Huawei Smartphone “P20 Pro”

This smartphone has as many as 3 cameras – 2 main (40 and 20 megapixels, respectively) and 1 front camera with 8 megapixels. Also the camera has advanced shooting features and ultimate image quality. The innovative processor “Hisilicon Kirin” of the 970 series, which is one of the most powerful analogs in the entire processor market, is responsible for performance.  Huawei P20 Pro

The battery capacity has not changed and is still the same 4000 mah. Also the display has a resolution of 2240 to 1080 pixels with a diagonal of 6.1. There is a possibility of user choice of internal memory, where the volume is from 64 to 256 GB.


  • top and universal triple camera;
  • screen design using the OLED technology;
  • the ability to apply a five-fold increase;
  • use the IP 67 dust and moisture protection standard.


  • lack of the ability to embed a second SIM card;
  • lack of a standard headphone jack;
  • not a unique design.

Xiaomi smartphone “Mi 8”

This smartphone has only 2 cameras that have the same pixelization performance – 12 megapixels each of the cameras. Also the powerful Snapdragon 845 series processor is responsible for performance.  Xiaomi Mi 8

The battery capacity is slightly lower than that of the other analogues – 3400 mah. The display resolution is 2240 by 1080 pixels with a diagonal of 6.2. Internal memory, as elsewhere, can be set in the range from 64 to 256 possible GB.
Also the display is made using the AMOLED technology. In addition, there is a unique quick charge function that will fully charge the phone’s battery in just 40 minutes.


  • the ability to quickly charge the battery;
  • equivalence of integrated cameras;
  • high autonomy and performance.


  • lack of a standard headset jack;
  • no screen protection against dust and moisture;
  • lack of additional ability to install a second SIM card.

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