Is it dangerous to receive parcels from China? Coronavirus Myths

Are parcels from China dangerous?

The coronavirus pandemic affected all areas of life and came as a surprise to everyone. But in this regard, a lot of false information is spreading, which in one way or another can affect a person. But how to distinguish real information and rumors?

Common Coronovirus Myths

The pandemic, as well as the subsequent quarantine, took most of humanity by surprise. But against the background of the disease, more and more rumors began to appear, false information, speculation. The most common ones are:

  • Parcels from China may be infected. One of the popular myths spread by mass panic. Parcels from China are safe according to the World Health Organization.
  • A panacea for the coronavirus exists. At the moment, there are no approved drugs  for the treatment or prevention of the disease. Research is ongoing. But at the moment, some drugs that are believed to be effective by false information can cause side effects.
  • 5G is the cause of the spread of the virus. Coronavirus cannot be transferred using radio signals or a mobile network.
  • Alcohol use can prevent the disease. One of the myths that can cause damage to human health.
  • Smokers tolerate the disease more easily. At the moment, there is no official evidence that tobacco and nicotine can protect against coronavirus or have a prophylactic effect on the body.

At the moment, information on the COVID-19 pandemic is reviewed by virtually all the world’s media, which creates a lot of conflicting information. Thus, some information is only informative in nature, while others can cause irreparable harm to health.

Why do coronavirus myths appear?

It is known that mass panic can be worse and more dangerous than critical situations. Because people tend to be afraid of what they don’t know about. Another example was the coronavirus pandemic. Having no idea what this disease is, the media began to spread false information, thereby fanning the flames of panic. Such an example is the emergence of the myth of the influence of the 5G network. According to information, mobile radio signals became the carriers of the Covid-19, and, as a result, this led to centers of mass unrest associated with the desire to damage the towers.

Data that only elderly people are exposed to the coronavirus are increasingly appearing in various sources. WHO warns that people of all ages are affected. Similar information appeared as a result of statistics on the age of people with Covid-19. Official departments explain that the cause of many infections among older citizens is heart problems, asthma and other diseases that contribute to the infection of coronavirus. People with chronic diseases of the lungs and heart are especially susceptible.

There may also be dangerous myths that can harm a person’s health or even a group of people. One of such myths was the information that the coronavirus does not exist and this is only a massive panic. According to official WHO statements, the situation is currently critical. The reason for this was a huge number of patients, which is increasing every day. Therefore, it is worth remembering that carelessness in this matter can adversely affect the state of health.

How to protect yourself from myths?

Living in the age of information technology, a person, during critical situations, must filter the information coming to him from different sources. Thus, in order to distinguish true information from false information, it is necessary to look at several sources, analyzing the incoming information. As practice shows, sometimes the event itself is not worse, but the information that appears in the background. It can lead to mass panic.

It should be understood that information from reputable sources (World Health Organization) is often fundamentally different from that provided by questionable media. As a result of such actions, myths and conjectures appear. Also, the reason for the existence of false information can be human superstition and panic, because it is human nature to try to explain what he does not understand by means of rumors.
The ministries of health of the countries, however, like WHO itself, have formulated basic recommendations for the prevention of coronavirus. As you know, information about treatment with alcohol is not there. Undoubtedly, products such as garlic are famous for their antiviral properties. But there are no official registration of cases of effective use of coronavirus.

In order to avoid mass panic and its consequences, it is necessary to draw information from various sources, preferring authoritative sources, but still analyzing it. 

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