White House, interesting facts

The White House

The White House – everyone knows the name of this building. It sounds in the news, they write about it in newspapers and magazines. A large number of American politicians worked there, except for Washington, because in his time the White House did not exist. There is an opinion that the name of this mansion was attached to it after restoration, when it was painted white. Later, the president ordered this name to be indicated on official sources: newspapers, magazines and documents.

The White House as a symbol

The White House is a symbol of cohesion, strength, unity, and stability of the American people. It can be compared with the flag, anthem or coat of arms of the United States. One of the most valuable things in this house is a collection of portraits of all presidents and their wives. Today he is almost two hundred and sixteen years old. The mansion is also depicted on a twenty-dollar bill.
The basis of this building is the living quarters for the presidential family, and all the important administrative rooms and rooms are located in the western part. The oval room is the most famous White House cabinet where the president holds political meetings and conferences.
Even in this place the main Christmas tree of all America is being established. By the way, the whole country makes toys. In each region, artists or designers are fighting for the right to make it on behalf of the entire region.

White House Construction

The classic style was used to create this object. Construction lasted about eight years. Designers worked very well on the style, they worked out every little thing and followed strict symmetry. The building is located on an area of ​​7.2 hectares, its address: Pennsylvania Avenue 1600, Washington. John Adams is the president who first managed to live in a mansion.

The main architect was an Irishman who won the competition, and co-author George Washington. If not for him, then the territory would not have been tripled. Another important fact is that the builders were slaves and immigrants from different countries. The project budget amounted to about 2.5 million US dollars.
In total there are 132 rooms, 3 elevators, many stairs, 32 bathrooms, 147 windows, 412 doors and 3 elevators. 2 floors of 6 are located underground.

White House Update

Once a mansion was set on fire. The fire did much harm, but they managed to stop it. After the restoration, it was repainted in white and two new terraces were added. A basement with two floors was also built, which was well suited for the headquarters of the operational leadership of foreign and military policy. Added a lot of rooms with different colors and shapes.
For all its time, the mansion suffered many changes and alterations. But Miss Jacqueline Kennedy did her best. She changed the shape and color of most rooms, bought the best furniture of the 19th century. Also she took more than 150 paintings from the museum, bought the most expensive curtains in France, and restored everything in the White House. She also sold a lot of things from the mansion at auction. And now, many designers are looking for these things around the world.

George W. Bush is the president who has also changed a lot in the mansion. He removed the carpet, which Bill Clinton really liked, and replaced it with an identical one, only with different colors. He also changed the Oval Room – the main office of the President of America. But he left himself a desk that had been used by previous presidents.

The most beautiful room is Blue, but it was not always that way. Miss Jacqueline Kennedy wanted to greatly change the design of the mansion, for she is the first lady in the presidential chair. She repainted this room in white, which made her even more interested in visitors.

Some interesting facts.

  1. Since the architect was an Irishman, Leinster House was an example of an ideal building for him – this is the presidential house in Ireland. Therefore, there is now an exact copy of the White House.
  2. There is also a similar mansion in France. The White House was very often rebuilt, reconstructed, etc. The architect liked the shape of the columns of an old French building, built in 1817. And he decided to do similar during the restoration of the White House.
  3. For a long time, this mansion was the largest in America.
  4. The British army nearly burned down the White House once.
  5. President Roosevelt created all the necessary conditions for the disabled.

At first the White House had a different name.

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