Is there Nova Poshta in Poland

Is there Nova Poshta in Poland?

Man quickly acquires habits. And often, being in Poland to send a parcel, it is looking for branches of the Nova Posta shopping center … I will say right away that there are no branches of this transport company in Poland.

Delivery of parcels from Poland to Ukraine

Is there new mail in Poland? There are many ways to deliver packages from Poland to Ukraine:

  • the easiest way is to transfer to friends who return to Ukraine;
  • send the package by bus;
  • use the services of private carriers;
  • through the Polish postal companies Poczta Polska, Pocziex EMS;
  • transport company “Nova shta”;
  • by East European Express.

Yes, the shopping mall Nova Poshta is sending parcels from Poland to Ukraine. In 2014, the Nova Poshta International division was opened, for the international delivery of goods. Then in 2015, after obtaining the appropriate licenses, the first pilot project for the delivery of parcels from Polish warehouses of the store to Ukraine was launched. In 2017, an agreement was signed between the company and the international express carrier DPDgroup, according to which, they are exclusive representatives of each other. Now the division is developing and delivery from Poland to Ukraine is already available for individuals and legal entities.

Sending parcels from Poland by Nova Poshta

Firstly to send a parcel from Poland to Ukraine using Nova Poshta, you need to place an order in the company’s office in Kiev, or go to the link . Secondly the package will be collected in Poland by the courier of the partner company EMS and delivered to Ukraine. Therefore in Ukraine, it will be available at the branch or from the courier, according to the application, at. But it is necessary to take into account the peculiarities of transportation, customs and legal restrictions on the international transport of goods. In theory, in practice, I did not meet with positive reviews about this service. Most actively, in international traffic, Nova Poshta is developing as a forward company that provides cargo delivery services from foreign online stores.

Certainly the simplest and most affordable for Ukrainians in Poland is the use of the Polish postal company Poczta Polska. Also benefits – a large network, even in small towns there are branches. In 2014, the company introduced a new service for sending parcels to Ukraine – Paczka UKRAINA PLUS, making it even easier and cheaper to send parcels to Ukraine. The cost of sending such a package is now:

  • up to 5 kg 49.00zl;
  • 5 to 10 kg. 59.00 Zl;
  • 10 to 15 kg 69.00 Zl;
  • 15 to 20 kg 79.00 Zl.

Delivery of parcels from Ukraine to Poland

The undisputed leader of sending parcels in this direction, like all foreign parcels, is Ukrposhta. But the tariff depends on the weight and type of delivery, for parcels up to 10 kg, sending by land delivery will be from 2.4 $ per kg.

Nova Poshta International also provides delivery services to Poland. For residents of Kiev, the service is available in all branches ofNova Poshta; it is possible to file an application for delivery with the possibility of transfer by courier. According to the type of shipment, the dispatch of documents and goods. For cargoes weighing 10 kg for non-urgent delivery of approximately from $ 5.5 per kg.

For individuals and legal entities there are three types of delivery:

  • CLASSIC – standard delivery of goods weighing up to 30kg
  • MAX – delivery of goods on pallets weighing up to 1 ton and up to 2 meters high
  • Express – fast delivery of documents and goods.

Overseas delivery of CLASSIC and Express is carried out by courier to the addressee’s door. All shipments can be tracked using individual track numbers.

In conclusion, you can summarize, although there is no Nova Poshta in Poland, it is possible to deliver the goods to and from Poland.

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