Japanese cosmetics in Ukraine

Japanese cosmetics – fashion or quality?

In recent years, Japanese cosmetics have become incredibly popular among residents of Ukraine. In particular, cosmetics from the land of the rising sun interests the beautiful half of humanity. After all, who does not dream of gorgeous long hair and flawless skin, without a single flaw, like that of beautiful Japanese women?

But, along with popularity, there also come a lot of questions: is the quality so good? Is the promised result a reality or a marketing move? What is the secret of the quality of Japanese cosmetics? These questions can be answered by the results of the use and composition of cosmetics of such production.

Japanese cosmetics differ not only in composition, but also in brands and, accordingly, price. It can be the level of mass market, professional cosmetics, luxury brands, as well as simply high-quality care. What you need for you or your store depends on your needs.

The success of cosmetics from Japan – unique natural ingredients

In the age-old traditions of cosmetics production in Japan, the use of only natural ingredients has always been the basis. The Japanese believe that beauty should be natural, and only natural components can maintain and improve natural data. Therefore, the largest Japanese cosmetic companies not only create new, but also look for and learn unique traditional recipes of beauty of the past.

For example, loofah juice is often used for moisturizing, as well as rice bran for skin whitening and getting rid of acne. As well as hundreds of unique components taken from nature itself. But the main secret is that Japanese cosmetics manufacturers are able not only to choose the ideal component, but they know how to activate it. And, moreover, how to combine different components, so that the result from cosmetics turned out to be maximum.

What types of cosmetics are most in demand?

The following Japanese cosmetics are most popular and in demand in Ukraine:

  • Problem skin care cosmetics. Have you often seen Japanese people with terrible acne, irritation and redness? You can ask anyone who has been to this unique country  Japanese cosmetics in Ukraine and you will be answered with such units. And the secret to nutrition and proper care.
  • Cosmetics for aged skin. Smoothing wrinkles without pricks? Everything is possible for the Japanese.
  • Hair cosmetics.
  • Make-up. Eyeliner, mascara and pencil are what every Japanese girl keeps in her makeup bag. After all, the classic make-up of the country of the rising sun is let down eyes with a visual increase. Also, rice powder, which does not just decorate, but also cares for the skin.
  • Eye patches. More often, in our cosmetic market you can find Korean patches, since they are more budget. But, if you want to be confident in the quality and the result, choose Japanese production.
  • Aburator paper or as we are more accustomed to – matting napkins. They are made from rice paper and help to remove oily shine and allow the skin to breathe.

If you want to sell Japanese cosmetics, then this is TOP of funds that you should definitely order.

Which cosmetics companies are relevant for Ukraine?

The first in the top of well-known and really high-quality brands is Shiseido. This company has developed unique technologies that have not been disclosed for a decade. Kanebo, available from the end of the 19th century. In the assortment of this brand you will find everything from face and body care to hair care.

Naris – a great anti-aging line and hair care. Suitable even for people with severe allergies. For hair restoration, consider the brand MoltoBene. Pola is a professional cosmetics brand.

As for makeup products, you can give your preference:

  • Isehan.
  • Kanebo Sensai.
  • Shu Uemura.
  • Celvoke.

Where can I buy Japanese cosmetics?

The answer is obvious – in Japan, because only then can there be a guarantee that this is the original and the quality has not been affected. But we all know that the price of air tickets to Japan is very expensive. In addition, importing large quantities of cosmetics can also be worth a decent amount.

In this case, there is a reason to order through an intermediary. But, not in the plan through unknown sites or cosmetic companies, but through a logistics company. Since such a company will provide direct purchases in Japan and delivery to Ukraine .

In Time , will deliver your cosmetics, observing storage conditions. And also take responsibility for the design of all documentation. To reduce the cost of delivery, you can use the service of general cargo. Japanese cosmetics will be for you not only an excellent means of care, but also, if you wish, a business.

In Time delivery from Japan to Ukraine

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