Major major seaports in China

Foreign trade presupposes the availability of international transport by sea. The seas are adjacent to the south and east of China.This makes it possible to turn the country’s seaports into the most important hubs of world trade. Here they are engaged in the competent distribution of cargo flows throughout the entire territory of the globe.

China seaports

China plays a decisive role in sea transportation today. This is due to the fact that out of dozens of major seaports in the world, six are located in China.

Transportation by sea


This is the main gateway through which you can get to China by sea. The fact that it has a favorable geographical location adds to the positive aspects. It lies between the north and south of China. The advantage is that there is direct access to the sea. Most of all are delivered products of oil refining, metal, various equipment, some other types of raw materials and finished products.

Container sites occupy a huge area of ​​9 960 thousand square meters. In addition, there is a covered warehouse with an area of ​​3,760 thousand square meters. m. The port will receive and handle almost 25 million containers per year.

Hong Kong

It occupies the second position in the ranking after Shanghai. It is managed by a company that is the world’s largest container handling operator. There are 12 berths in the port. They accept and process up to 21 million containers annually.


The port is very busy. Shenzhen has a convenient geographical location. It is located in the south of China. Basically, they carry out the transportation of rolled metal and grain crops. Container sites are located on an area of ​​more than 340 thousand square meters. m. Closed-type warehouses are located on an area of ​​more than 57 thousand square meters. m.

Almost 560 ships enter the port every month. The annual turnover of goods is simply huge. According to this position, the port is in 15th place in the world, and in terms of container turnover it takes 9th place.


It is located in the city of Nimbo, which is in the Zhenziang province. It was built as an alternative to the port in Shanghai, designed to reduce the load on it. The port provides entry into the waters of China for the largest container ships. The container yard has an area of ​​over 26 thousand square meters. m. The covered warehouse is located on an area whiter than 46 thousand square meters. m.


In our country it is called “Dalny Port”. This port can be imagined as a sea gateway to the territory of Mongolia. It is located in Liaoning Province. The port is visited by ships carrying oil and its products, coal and ore, timber and lumber. The container site is located on an area of ​​over 500 thousand square meters. m. Covered warehouses occupy an area of ​​over 200 thousand square meters. m.


It is the largest sea gate in the south of China. Closed-type warehouses are located on an area of ​​170 thousand square meters. m.


It is a city with central authority. It acts as an “Open International Transit Port”. It is entered by ships with a displacement of 300 thousand tons. The annual container turnover is over 18 million tons.


This city has its own customs and financial system. Thanks to this, economic ties are maintained with 120 world countries. For the most part, oil and industrial equipment are transported.


It is a financial center with a developed transport infrastructure and industry, located on the coast of the East China Sea. It includes 43 shipping lines of international importance.

In terms of container turnover, it is far from the last place in the world. There is a special terminal for working with cars.


Its location is the Yellow Sea Bay. There are 3 port complexes in it. Covered warehouses are located on an area of ​​57 thousand square meters. m. Communication is maintained with 450 ports from 130 countries of the world. Most often, ships with steel come in, as well as those loaded with bauxite and fertilizers. coal. In addition, ships carrying rice and textiles pass through the port.

The container terminal is located on an area of ​​340 thousand square meters. m. On an area of ​​57 thousand square meters. m. covered warehouses are located. It is also part of China’s overland transport system. Communication is maintained by rail and two expressways.

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