Work in Poland: search features

The rapidly developing neighboring country with Ukraine offers ample opportunities for employment of foreigners, which is why work in Poland attracts Ukrainians so much.

Work in Poland

Of course, the employer search algorithm depends on your specialty, qualification, experience, language skills and a number of other factors. But it is advisable to take care of this before arriving in the country.

Ukrainians usually use a number of options, like finding a job in Poland:

  • via the internet;
  • through intermediaries;
  • with newspaper ads;
  • independent search for employers.

The first method allows you to independently find an employer, without the involvement of intermediaries. To this end, numerous specialized Internet platforms have been created, with the help of which you can find out the phone numbers of employers or contact them via Skype.

If you are trying to find a job in Poland, being in your home country, it is advisable to contact intermediaries, as they solve issues faster, more competently in the legal aspect, and there is no language barrier for them. Also they can help you competently create your resume and are guaranteed to ensure that your employer sends you an invitation to work in Poland. True, the services of professional intermediaries are not cheap, the price for them reaches 150 euros.

Newspaper ads are also a very effective way to search. You can either search for existing job vacancies in Poland or offer your candidature as their candidate.

Also it is possible to independently find employers, already being in the territory of the country. To do this, it is best to contact the personnel departments of enterprises, presenting yourself and leaving your resume.

How attractive is employment in a neighboring country

Poland favorably treats foreigners as workers. There is a lot of work here. And this is work on favorable terms:

  • the employee gets the opportunity to legally stay in the EU;
  • he gets free medical care;
  • high wages.

Strengths and weaknesses

Among the undoubted advantages of work for Ukrainians in this country are:

  • geographical proximity;
  • similarity between Polish and Ukrainian;
  • common history, culture and mentality (ease of adaptation);
  • official job;
  • reliable social security;
  • the possibility of accumulating labor (and retirement) experience;
  • the prospect of obtaining a residence permit.

But, as in everything, there are also minuses. So, reviews of work in Poland indicate problems:

  • with medical care (in reality, you have to wait in line for several months to get to the doctor);
  • with remuneration for illegal employment;
  • high housing and food prices if they are not paid by the employer.

Who can work and how much to earn

But now the minimum wage in Poland can not be below $ 500, which is enough for renting accommodation, meals and buying clothes. Large cities differ in terms of salaries by an order of magnitude, but they also impose higher requirements on job seekers (knowledge of the language and proficiency in the profession are required).

Most Ukrainians have access to jobs for unskilled and, as a result, relatively low-paid work (cleaning houses, construction sites, restaurants, other catering establishments). But this work provides an opportunity to look around, learn a language and make new contacts. And thanks to the latter, there is such work in Poland, which will be more consistent with your ambitions and goals.

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