Seoul Shopping Areas


Seoul is one of the most popular cities in South Korea. Tourists visit it not only for the completely unique atmosphere and brightness of colors. But also in order to spend a few minutes, hours, days, strolling through the many shopping streets and neighborhoods.


The most expensive and respectable place for shopping is considered the Ganges. It is a fashionable quarter in the heart of Seoul, where thousands of boutiques, clubs and restaurants are located. In Gangama, quality and style are traditionally valued, not lucrative discounts or special offers.


Apkujon and its main shopping street, Rodeo, is the second most branded store. Because you can find jewelry, perfumes, cosmetics and clothing that can satisfy the most demanding tastes .


People with average incomes and tourists most often go to Myeongdong – a huge market that works until late at night, and you can find almost everything here: from electronics, ending with jewelry. Here, there is an overwhelming number of cafes and inexpensive restaurants that fully demonstrate the diversity of Korean national cuisine.


Trading can never do without heated debate and attempts to “bring down” the price, but it is quite difficult to do this without knowing the Korean language. Perhaps only the notorious shopaholics will agree to learn this far from easy language for the sake of successful shopping, yet the rest of the South Korean guests might experience some inconvenience, if not for Itaewon, a shopping district where most stores are ready to work with English-speaking visitors. Itaewon is represented mainly by Western brands.

Tademun and Namdemun

It is also worth noting the huge endless “fair”, which begins in Tandemun and smoothly passes into Namdemun, the first consisting mainly of large shopping centers and shops, while the second is such a “deployed” version of Insadon – the atmosphere here is more welcoming and somewhat authentic with hundreds of tiny shops and stalls. Tademun and Namdemun are the most profitable places to buy almost all types of goods, since local prices are quite low. Especially compared to giants such as the Ganges.


Yongsan, a Korean analogue of Tokyo’s Akiba, the city of electronics, stands somewhat apart. It has a more modest scale, but also has a wide selection of electrical equipment, computers and their components. In addition, local software prices are most reasonable.

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